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The new exception handler EXCEPTION_DISPOSITION __cdecl exceptionhandler (struct _EXCEPTION_RECORD *ExceptionRecord, void * EstablisherFrame, struct _CONTEXT *ContextRecord, void * DispatcherContext ) { ContextRecord->Eip = *(((DWORD *)EstablisherFrame)+2); ContextRecord->Ebp = *(((DWORD *)EstablisherFrame)+3); return ExceptionContinueExecution; } 46 HAKIN9 1/2010 The value 0x70 presented in the conditional statement is a bit sum of following flags: (FLG _ HEAP _ The typical value of the HeapFlags field is 0x50000062 but it depends on the NtGlobalFlag field value.

Because this method is very easy to use, only weak debuggers can be cheated. The newest and more advanced debuggers can detect changes in the exception handler. After the exception is processed, they return to the new exception handler. Debuggers from Visual Studio and OllyDbg can be tricked by this method, while IDA Pro asks the user if he wants to pass the execution of the exception to the program. If the user agrees, then this method will not detect the debugger. Ice breakpoint Ice breakpoint method uses an undocumented instruction from the Intel processors with the opcode 0xF1h .

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