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In this excerpt from Combat Shooting, Massad Ayoob supplies expert guidance for chooing a hid hold gun or self-defense handgun, ammo, and similar apparatus for strive against capturing.

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It’s shown here in “on safe” mode. This is why we see people shot in the upper brain appear to stand up on tiptoes, then topple over; the strongest muscles in the legs are the anti-gravity muscles, and when they spasmodically tighten, that “up on tiptoes effect” is the result. When you’re under fire from someone trying to kill you, his standing on tiptoes won’t make or break your survival. What does matter is, if he is pointing his gun at a hostage and has his finger on the trigger, a shot to upper brain may well cause him to reflexively fire the gun!

As this is done, the hand will naturally rise upward with its barrel parallel to the ground and on target. The support hand can come in, always from behind the muzzle for safety, of course, to form a two-hand grasp at any point once the handgun is completely forward of the shooter’s torso. Once the handgun’s muzzle is oriented to the target, the shooter can fire at any point from close to the body all the way out to full arm extension. Before the firearm has reached eye level, the shooter will have the option to fire with the gun about the same level with his chest.

I would strongly advise you to aim pelvis high on him: any higher, and your own hands and gun will block your view of his hands, which means you very likely won’t see him go for his gun until he’s already whipped it out and shot you with it. He’s coming at you with a knife? A deep brain shot is unlikely on a facing man, because while he can’t duck your bullet he very likely will reflexively duck away from the shot when he sees your gun coming up to aim at his eyes and head. If his brain is fully oxygenated, you can vaporize his heart and he still has up to fifteen seconds of conscious, purposeful physical activity left before he becomes unconscious…and it only takes him one and a half seconds to reach you from seven yards away, a fact long proven by master gunfight survival instructor Dennis Tueller.

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