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THE CYCLISTS’ TOUR. Two cyclists were consulting a road map in preparation for a little tour together. The circles represent towns, and all the good roads are represented by lines. They are starting from the town with a star, and must complete their tour at E. But before arriving there they want to visit every other town once, and only once. That is the difficulty. Mr. Spicer said, ‘I am certain we can find a way of doing it;’ but Mr. ’ Now, which of them was correct? Take your pencil and see if you can find any way of doing it.

Loyd (6 and 7). A large number of other designs will be found in an article by me in The Strand Magazine for November, 1908. On the appearance of this magazine article, the late Sir James Murray, the eminent philologist, tried, with that amazing industry that characterized all his work, to trace the word ‘tangram’ to its source. i36 36 07/12/2006 15:27:56 GEOMETRICAL PROBLEMS of my sons is a professor in the AngloChinese college at Tientsin. Through him, his colleagues, and his students, I was able to make inquiries as to the alleged Tan among Chinese scholars.

THE DIAMOND PUZZLE. In how many different ways may the word DIAMOND be read in the arrangement shown? You may start wherever you like at a D and go up or down, backwards or forwards, in and out, in any direction you like, so long as you always pass from one letter to another that adjoins it. How many ways are there? 63. THE MONK AND THE BRIDGES. In this case I give a rough plan of a river with an island and five bridges. On one side of the river is a monastery, and on the other side is seen a monk in the foreground.

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