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By Michael Dobson

ISBN-10: 088038090X

ISBN-13: 9780880380904

Ultimately! A sourcebook for the main interesting epic ever from TSR, Inc.! Now, you and your avid gamers could have the total global of Krynn at your fingertips!

"Dragons of puzzle" delivers the heritage and instruments essential to run an entire DRAGONLANCE crusade experience, an epic quest throughout the global of Krynn, threatened via the domination of the inhuman draconians. are you able to win opposed to strong forces of darkness?

This package deal includes a four-color map of the Continent of Ansalon, the place all of the adventures within the DRAGONLANCE saga ensue. participant personality Sheets for the DRAGONLANCE heroes (illustrated by means of LARRY ELMORE) provide your avid gamers a thrilling software for visualizing their characters. Even the celebrities within the heavens are proven on a unique map of the constellations!

Join the hunt! dwell the journey! The DRAGONLANCE saga maintains!

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Otik’s first inclination was to have her arrested. But he was touched by the innocence he saw under the tough street-kid personality, and instead offered her a job. At first she accepted only to keep out of jail, but she grew to love Otik as a father. For many years she has been the barmaid at the Inn of the Last Home. She gave up her thieving ways and became a fighter. She frequently served as the Inn’s bouncer, surprising many a drunk who thought she was a weak push-over. Her favorite attack is to bash someone over the head with a heavy frying pan—an old favorite in the inn trade.

ARMOR Chain mail +1 (AC 4) and Shield (AC 3) with Dexterity adj. AC 1/0 APPEARANCE Height 5’6”, Weight 110 lbs. Age 80 (actual)/ 18 (apparent) Honey Blonde Hair, Hazel Eyes HIT POINTS 24 WEAPONS Short sword (Damage 1-6 SM/1-8 L, THAC0 17) EQUIPMENT As selected by player, 500 stl/1150 gpw max. LANGUAGES Common, Qualinesti Elf, Sylvanesti Elf, Gnome, Kenderspeak, Goblin, Hobgoblin FIRST APPEARANCE As NPC, DL 2. As PC, DL 6 SPECIAL ABILITIES All elf special abilities from Players Handbook EXPERIENCE POINTS 13,000 (No bonus to earned experience points) 30 History As a child in Haven, Elistan showed early promise as a scholar.

When he awoke, he followed them. He arrived in Solace only to see a horrible sight—Verminaard had chained the elves to stakes in the town square and called Ember, a red dragon out of ages past, to burn the helpless creatures. In a rage, Gilthanas moved to attack Verminaard, but he was stopped by Theros Ironfeld, a smith. “Stay your hand, young elf, for you cannot prevail against these odds. Be patient—you will have your chance to kill him,” Theros said. Gilthanas, sobering, agreed, but the burning passion to revenge his people against Verminaard would never die until the evil dragon highmaster perished.

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