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However, the growth factor itself may not be absolutely essential; if the blocked 32 Chap. 5 Concentrations of several water-soluble vitamins• in the cells of bacteria (in parts per million of dry weight) VITAMIN Nicotinic acid Riboflavin Thiamin Pyridoxine Pantothenic acid Folic acid Biotin Aerobacter aerogenes Pseudomonas fluorescens Clostridium butyricum 240 44 210 67 26 6 91 9 250 55 11 7 140 14 4 7 9 6 93 3 Required for growth • In the cell these substances are present in the coenzyme form, but since their quantitativi!

The essential purpose of a micromanipulator is to gear down manual control, so that very slight and precisely controlled movements of the operating instruments can be effected in a small operating area (a microdrop) under continuous microscopic observation at high magnifications (500 to 1,000 X). • Two-membered cultures The goal of isolation is normally to obtain a pure culture. However, there are certain situations where this cannot be achieved or where achievement is so difficult as to be impractical.

During the same period a science of general biology also emerged. It was the creation of Charles Darwin, who imposed a new order and coherence in the heretofore anecdotal materials of natural history by interpreting them in terms of the theory of evolution through natural selection. Logically, microbiology should have taken its place, alongside other specialized biological disciplines, in the framework of post-Darwinian general biology. In fact, however, this did not occur. For half a century after the death of Pasteur in 1895, microbiology and general biology developed in almost complete independence of one another.

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