Graham Staplehurst, Terry K. Amthor, Peter C. Fenlon's Gates of Mordor (Middle Earth Role Playing MERP) PDF

By Graham Staplehurst, Terry K. Amthor, Peter C. Fenlon

ISBN-10: 0915795817

ISBN-13: 9780915795819

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An upper portion of #9. 22. Foyer. This topmost level of the tower is gained after climbing a seemingly interminable spiral stair. There is no door between the stairhall and the foyer. An invisible barrier, like that Sauron placed by the Silent Watchers at Cirith Ungol, bars the way. Other than Gaurhir and his invited guests, only those making a 15th level RR (against Essence magic) can pass the barrier. Should anyone pierce the barrier, Gaurhir will be aware of the fact regardless of his location.

13. ShirQk Cave. The Scara-hai living quarters are rough-hewn caverns formed by enlarging the pre-existing mine cavities. Ten Junior Shiruks make their home in this cave, although only one is still in the complex - usually to be found in the guardroom of the tower. Heaps of filthy belongings roughly tied with sacking and ropes cover the floor. The bundles belong to the absent ShirQksand contain little of any value. 14. Cavern Entrance. Two Scara-hai guard the concealed iron door. 15. Elite Bukra Caves.

Only the strongest of the males get the chance to breed. Sometimes, it is said, Gaurhir actually breeds Wargs with female Scara-hai to strengthen the vulpine nature of the tribe. The tribe is led by the Fha-Korlash (Or. Great Jaw) or chieftain. His symbols of office include a special cleaver and arm bracers. He has two lieutenants or Karg-Kragurs (Or. Tearing Fang), taken from the strongest scout-trained members of the tribe. Their totems are enchanted wolfsteeth necklaces. The rest of the tribe is organised in 5-orc bukras (Or.

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