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By Raymond Smullyan

ISBN-10: 0394549430

ISBN-13: 9780394549439

A tough puzzle assortment and an instructive and pleasing creation to Kurt Godel's well-known theorems, together with incompleteness and undecidability. a lot of the motion of the publication occurs on an imaginary and magical island, the Island of Knights and Knaves, the place knights regularly make precise statements, knaves consistently make fake statements, and each inhabitant is both a knight or a knave. right here we meet an awesome array of characters, viewers to the island, trying to ensure the natives' real identities. between them are the census-taker McGregor; a philosopher-logician looking for his flighty bird-wife Oona; and a regiment of Reasoners. through following the Reasoners via brain-tingling workouts and adventures - together with trips into the "other attainable worlds" of Kripke semantics - even the main illogical people should still come to appreciate Godel's theorems, a few of their philosophical and mathematical implications and why we, like Godel himself, needs to stay ceaselessly not sure! The publication is meant for puzzle lovers of all ages and skill - from the high-school whizz to the pro mathematician, truth seeker or laptop scientist.

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