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By Carl W. Ernst

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Warding off the traps of sensational political disclose and really good scholarly Orientalism, Carl Ernst introduces readers to the profound religious assets of Islam whereas clarifying variety and debate in the culture. Framing his argument by way of non secular reviews, Ernst describes how Protestant definitions of faith and anti-Muslim prejudice have affected perspectives of Islam in Europe and the United States. He additionally covers the modern significance of Islam in either its conventional settings and its new destinations and gives a context for figuring out extremist events like fundamentalism. He concludes with an outline of severe debates on very important modern matters corresponding to gender and veiling, nation politics, and technological know-how and faith.

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It is a serious mistake to call this conflict religious or to regard it as rooted in primordial religious attitudes. The conflict between Jews and Arabs is a contemporary dispute about ownership of the land, and it is a product of the past century. It is only in re{ 25 } I S L A M I N TH E E Y E S O F TH E W E S T cent years that religious fundamentalism has taken hold as a force among a portion of the Palestinians, with the rise of the Hamas movement and groups such as Islamic Jihad. Spectacular acts of violence committed by Palestinian commandos in the 1960s and 1970s firmly established the image of the Arab as terrorist.

The typical sequence of this civilization’s development begins briefly in Mesopotamia and Egypt before heading to Greece, where it really gets started. It is important to notice that, as civilization moves west, its preceding locations fall out and become irrelevant. After Greece declines, then comes Rome, followed by the gradual ascendancy of France, Germany, and possibly Spain. But (at least in American versions) the next destination is definitely England, followed ultimately by America as its ultimate goal.

From a historical perspective, Zionism is a classic European nationalist movement with a colonial implementation. The first theorist of Jewish nationalism, Moses Hess (d. 1875), was a socialist and a close associate of Karl Marx. The early Zionist movement, under the leadership of Theodore Herzl (d. 1905), formulated a national identity for Jews focused on the return to the traditional homeland around Jerusalem. Large-scale Jewish immigration from Europe and Russia to Palestine gathered momentum following World War I, after Britain took control of portions of the former Ottoman Empire.

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