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Campbell WW, ed: Dejong’s the neurological exam, ed 6, Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, 2005. Prior JA, Silberstein JS, Stang JM: Chapter 18. In Physical diagnosis-the history and examination of the patient, ed 6, St. Louis, 1981, Mosby-Year Book. Swartz Mark H: Chapter 18. In Textbook of physical diagnosis, Philadelphia, 1989, WB Saunders. Weiner WJ, Goetz CG, eds: Neurology for the non-neurologist, Philadelphia, 1981, Harper and Row. Wilson-Pauwels L, et al: Cranial nerves: anatomy and clinical comments, Toronto, 1988, BC Decker.

If a danger exists of sample splashing, then staff should wear a gown and goggles. Fingerstick (Finger Puncture) Blood taken from a finger capillary is of a small volume and is used when a larger amount of venous blood is not needed or cannot be obtained. Fingerstick is the method of choice for in-office POC procedures. This method is most useful for single chemical tests, such as glucose or cholesterol levels, and has the advantage of being an easy technique for patients to learn when personal sampling is necessary.

A, The corneal reflex. The patient is asked to look downward and inward while the examiner touches the temporal cornea with a small bit of cotton. Immediate closure of both eyelids should occur. B, The sensory distribution of the trigeminal nerve is tested by asking the patient to compare the sensation of light touch on both sides of the forehead, cheek, and chin. C, The motor component of the trigeminal nerve is tested by palpating the masseter muscles of a patient who is clenching his or her teeth and comparing the muscle tone of both sides.

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