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The impressive achievements of contemporary clinical theories lead so much people to include clinical realism: the view that our greatest theories provide us at the very least approximately exact descriptions of in a different way inaccessible components of the area like genes, atoms, and the massive bang. In Exceeding Our grab, Stanford argues that cautious consciousness to the historical past of medical research invitations a problem to this view that's not good represented in modern debates concerning the nature of the medical firm. The ancient checklist of clinical inquiry, Stanford indicates, is characterised through what he calls the matter of unconceived possible choices. earlier scientists have often failed even to conceive of choices to their very own theories and features of theoretical research, possible choices that have been either well-confirmed via the proof to be had on the time and sufficiently critical as to be eventually authorized through later medical groups. Stanford helps this declare with a close research of the mid-to-late nineteenth century theories of inheritance and iteration proposed in flip by way of Charles Darwin, Francis Galton, and August Weismann. He is going directly to argue that this ancient trend strongly means that there are both well-confirmed and scientifically critical choices to our personal most sensible theories that stay at the moment unconceived. in addition, this problem is extra severe than these rooted in both the so-called pessimistic induction or the underdetermination of theories through facts, partially simply because present realist responses to those latter demanding situations provide no reduction from the matter of unconceived possible choices itself. Stanford concludes by way of investigating what optimistic account of the spectacularly winning edifice of contemporary theoretical technology continues to be open to us if we settle for that our greatest clinical theories are robust conceptual instruments for reaching our useful ambitions, yet abandon the view that the descriptions of the area round us that they give are consequently even most likely or nearly actual.

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3 The heterogeneous character of the challenge thus posed by the problem of unconceived alternatives can perhaps also be helpfully illustrated by contrasting it with the most presently influential alternative to scientific realism: the constructive empiricism defended by Bas van Fraassen (1980). As we noted in the last chapter, van Fraassen is among those who are deeply worried by the prospect that even our best scientific theories might have empirical equivalents sharing just the same observational implications.

Traditionally, such an instrumentalist view of science has been associated with a variety of implausible claims about the very meaning of theoretical claims, but at its heart is the simple idea that conceptual resources like scientific theories can be useful guides to prediction, to action, and to further investigation without being literally or even approximately true, in just the way that we now think Newtonian mechanics was both radically false and nonetheless an extremely useful instrument. The problem of unconceived alternatives promises to breathe new life into this instrumentalist tradition: not into its discredited semantic theses, of course, but into its positive conception of the status of scientific theories.

12. It is sufficient to ground the new induction, however, if we grant that the later theory is confirmed by the earlier phenomena as described or conceived by the later theory itself just as well as the earlier theory was confirmed by those same phenomena under its own description or conception of them. 13. Indeed, realists who attack the new induction by pointing out the significance of important shifts over historical time in the acceptance of auxiliary hypotheses, evidential standards, or theoretical conceptions of the phenomena themselves would seem to risk undermining the privileged position they ascribe to the corresponding auxiliary hypotheses, evidential standards, and theoretical conceptions of the present day.

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