Evolution: The Grand Experiment by Carl Werner PDF

By Carl Werner

ISBN-10: 0892216816

ISBN-13: 9780892216819

“A booklet THAT demanding situations YOUR VIEW AND calls for A VERDICT.”

Darwin’s booklet on evolution admitted that “intermeditate hyperlinks” have been “perhaps the obvious and severe objection to the idea” of evolution. Darwin well-known that the fossils gathered by way of scientists sooner than 1859 didn't correspond along with his idea of evolution, yet he estimated that this idea will be proven as a growing number of fossils have been stumbled on. 100 and fifty years later, Evolution: The Grand Experiment seriously examines the viability of Darwin’s thought.

Dozens of distinct positive factors:

  • Interviews with scientists from best universities and different institutions
  • Over 800 colour photos
  • Balanced views
  • Informative summaries of clinical concepts
  • Easy-to-understand, concise format

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1 out of 2 chance Left hand or right hand? There is one chance out of two possibilities in selecting the correct hand. 1 out of 3 chance Left shell, middle shell or right shell? There is one chance out of three possibilities in selecting the correct shell. 1 out of 52 chance Which one is the ace of spades? There are 52 unique playing cards in a deck. There is one chance out of 52 possibilities in selecting a particular card. 1 out of 80,000,000 chance What is the chance of winning the lottery? There is one chance out of 80 million in selecting the winning Powerball Lottery numbers.

If a bear, by virtue of its surroundings, used its legs less and less, would they eventually go away? No, the DNA in the genes of the reproductive cells of the bear cannot sense that the animal is not using its legs. Disuse then cannot be a mechanism for evolution. Darwin was not aware of the mechanisms of genetics, as these principles were being uncovered in a different country by Austrian priest, Fr. Gregor Mendel, during this same time. As genetics became better understood, the concept of acquired characteristics was eventually disproved.

Photo by Debbie Werner Chapter 4 4. The hyena’s hair would have to nearly disappear and be replaced by blubber for insulation through chance mutations in the DNA. The hyena (left) is covered by hair for warmth. Hair does not function to warm the body in water. Whales and dolphins instead have a thick layer of blubber. 45 Chapter 4 5. The nostrils would have to move from the tip of the hyena’s nose to the top of the whale’s head, disconnect from the mouth passage, and form a strong muscular flap to close the blowhole.

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