Dendritic Cells in Fundamental and Clinical Immunology: by Ralph M. Steinman, Maggie Pack, Kayo Inaba (auth.), Dr. PDF

By Ralph M. Steinman, Maggie Pack, Kayo Inaba (auth.), Dr. Paola Ricciardi-Castagnoli (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1475799667

ISBN-13: 9781475799668

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ISBN-13: 9781475799682

These court cases include chosen contributions from the contributors to the Fourth foreign Symposium on Dendritic cells that was once held in Venice (Lido) Italy, from Oc­ tober five to ten, 1996. The symposium was once attended through greater than 500 scientists coming from 24 diversified international locations. experiences on dendritic cells (DC) were enormously hampered by way of the problems in getting ready adequate telephone numbers and in an inexpensive natural shape. At this assembly it's been proven that giant amounts of DC should be generated from precursors in either mice and people, and this threat has greatly inspired stories aimed to signify DC body structure and DC-specific genes, and to hire DC therapeutically as adjuvants for im­ munization. the potential of producing huge numbers of autologous DC that may be utilized in the manipulation of the immune reaction opposed to melanoma and infectious illnesses has enormously boosted dendritic phone study and the function of DC in a few medi­ cal components has been heatedly discussed.

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Med. 184:741-746. 18. Cella. • D. Scheidegger. K. Palmer-Lehmann. P. Lane. A. Lanzavecchia. and O. Alber. 1996. Ligation of CD40 on dendritic cells triggers production of high levels of interleukin-12 and enhances T cell stimulatory capacity: T-T help via APC activation. J. Exp. Med. 184:747-752. 19. Shu. • M. Kiniwa. C. Y. Wu. C. Maliszewski. N. Vezzio. J. Hakimi. M. Oately. and O. Delespesse. 1995. Activated T cells induce interleukin-12 production by monocytes via CD40-CD40 ligand interaction.

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Dendritic Cells in Fundamental and Clinical Immunology: Volume 3 by Ralph M. Steinman, Maggie Pack, Kayo Inaba (auth.), Dr. Paola Ricciardi-Castagnoli (eds.)

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