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By Sabine Gros La Faige

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You must have an absolute faith in yourself or you can never go forward in life. That’s my philosophy. Can you decide not to jump if it’s too difficult? Of course! Parkour is also about knowing your limits. I’ve never overestimated my strength. You are being smart by knowing your level and refusing a jump and not follow someone who actually has the ability to do it. "» That’s why I preferred jumping alone or with people I could trust, in order not to have peer pressure. Some people have a tendency to listen to their friends and get caught on a little game of going better than everybody else.

How did Parkour become such a phenomenon with youth? It all started with my brother Jean-François who brought a video tape of our training sessions to the TV show Stade 2 (a sports show on French Channel 2) at the end of the 90’s. My brother had asked us for footage to bring our sport some recognition. I agreed because I wanted more people to find out about this discipline and show our positive spirit. I wanted people to understand that this sport could be practiced in a group and enable the young to move about in a positive way.

But I wasn’t at all into Samurais or Ninja Turtles stuff. I wasn’t going to prevent them – they were free to do what they wanted. The only thing is, afterwards, some of them didn’t have any recognition whatsoever regarding the origins of Parkour. They acted as if my father’s heritage and what I had brought had never existed. They 43 didn’t give a damn about Parkour; all they wanted was fame. To me, it felt like Raymond Belle had been erased and all my work had been useless. I knew it had taken me three years to perfect such or such jump and they acted as if they could perform it overnight.

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