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By Paul Van de Heyning, Andrea Kleine Punte

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Electrical acoustic stimulation (EAS) combines electrical stimulation within the mid to high-frequency areas with acoustic stimulation within the low-frequency diversity with the purpose to maintain residual low-frequency listening to after cochlear implantation, which jointly fairly improves speech figuring out, pitch discrimination and track appreciation. during this quantity, the main skilled scientific teams percentage their knowing of using EAS in adults and kids. It deals an in-depth audiological research on the topic of opting for, getting ready and rehabilitating EAS sufferers. subject matters resembling lifeless sector overview, psychophysics of low-frequency listening to, electric-acoustic interplay, speech algorithms, song belief, in addition to becoming and the patient's reputation are mentioned. Introductory chapters - illustrated with remarkable color photos - on cochlear neural reserves, molecular biology and high-technological electrode improvement concentrate on the elemental medical EAS examine. each ENT professional, audiologist, speech therapist and scientist drawn to internal ear pathology, interested in cochlear implantation or facing the remedy or surgical procedure of the interior ear will enjoy the insights and reviews of the world's prime specialists who contributed to this ebook.

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