Download e-book for iPad: Cisco network professional's advanced internetworking guide by Patrick J Conlan; Cisco Systems, Inc

By Patrick J Conlan; Cisco Systems, Inc

ISBN-10: 0470383607

ISBN-13: 9780470383605

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Any device attached to an access link is unaware of a VLAN membership—the device only knows or assumes it’s part of the same broadcast domain, but it doesn’t have the big picture so it doesn’t understand the physical network topology at all. So, what do you think will happen if an access port receives a tagged packet? Well, if you said that the frame would be dropped, you are right! Why? An access port doesn’t look at any information except the destination MAC address, so tagged traffic can only be understood by trunk ports.

A transparent mode switch does not update its database with VTP advertisements. You can add, change, and delete VLANs directly to the local database. dat file. A transparent mode switch is nice enough to still forward on the advertisements so that the other switches in the block can still receive them. This mode can be useful if you have a switch that needs completely separate VLANs that you don’t want to propagate to the rest of the switch block. I have used this feature for separating research or development type hosts on the network.

It has all the same functionality, but costs less because it is smaller. However, you only have eight ports and an uplink, so with the number of routers I use in the examples and trunk links to the other switches, you won’t have enough ports. You could scale down the size of the test network, though, to make this switch a cost-effective solution. Routers The routers are a little more difficult. By more difficult, I mean it is harder to explain why I chose these particular models and present all of the options to consider when choosing your router models.

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Cisco network professional's advanced internetworking guide by Patrick J Conlan; Cisco Systems, Inc

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