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Candid technology V: Conversations with well-known Scientists includes 36 interviews with famous scientists, together with 19 Nobel laureates, Wolf Prize winners, and different luminaries. those in-depth conversations offer a glimpse into the best achievements in technological know-how prior to now few a long time, that includes tales of the discoveries, and displaying the human drama at the back of them. the best scientists are introduced into shut human proximity as though readers have been having a talk with them. This quantity departs from the former ones in that it includes interviews with mathematicians as well as physicists, chemists, and biomedical scientists. one other peculiarity of this quantity is that it contains 9 interviews from one other venture, the gathering of the overdue Clarence Larson, former Commissioner of the Atomic power fee and his spouse, Jane ("Larson Tapes").

The 36 interviewees contain recognized personalities of our time, corresponding to Donald Coxeter, John Conway, Roger Penrose, Alan Mackay, Dan Shechtman, Charles Townes, Arthur Schawlow, Leon Cooper, Alexei Abrikosov, Luis Alvarez, William Pickering, William Fowler, Vera Rubin, Neta Bahcall, Rudolf Peierls, Emilio Segrè, Harold Agnew, Clarence Larson, Nelson Leonard, Princess Chulabhorn, Linus Pauling, Miklós Bodánszky, Melvin Calvin, Donald Huffman, Alan MacDiarmid, Alan Heeger, Jens Christian Skou, Paul Lauterbur, Gunther Stent, John Sulston, Renato Dulbecco, Baruch Blumberg, Arvid Carlsson, Oleh Hornykiewicz, Paul Greengard, and Eric Kandel.

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For example, Evgenii Smirnov, defending Lamarckism and the inheritance of acquired characteristics both during and after the time of Lysenkoism, did similar experiments with aphids a few years before Shaposhnikov. He believed that his own and Shaposhnikov’s results were good demonstrations of Lamarckian adaptations. As he wrote to Shaposhnikov at the beginning of Shaposhnikov’s work: “I learned with great pleasure that your work goes well. It pleased me especially 61 62 Aleksandr S. Rautian, “Paleontologiia kak istochnik svedenii o zakonomernostiakh i faktorakh evolutsii [Paleontology as a source of knowledge on the factors and laws of evolution],” in V.

D. Alexandrov, member of the Academy],” in M. G. , Repressirovannaia nauka, vol. 2 (St. Petersburg: Nauka, 1994), pp. 169–76. 18 The quick shifting of the debate from pure “defense of science” to productive scientific discussion opened a new phase in Russian theoretical biology, making the topic of species and speciation a hot one at that time. At the same time, several institutions controlled by Lysenko’s opponents provided public forums for the discussion of theoretical issues, including the Zoological Institute of the Academy of Sciences, located in St.

N. Narzikulov to Shaposhnikov, April 29, 1983, Shaposhnikov papers. xml 34 CY388B/Lustig 0 521 81516 9 May 15, 2004 11:55 Elena Aronova and Daniel Alexandrov In the Zoological Institute, scientific output was measured by the volume of taxonomic work – specifically, in the volumes published in the Fauna of the USSR series of fundamental monographs, each devoted to a certain systematic group. Shaposhnikov failed to produce one on aphids. Moreover, Shaposhnikov’s activity in the field of theoretical biology marginalized him at the Zoological Institute: “Shaposhnikov was isolated at his institute.

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