New PDF release: Aravind's atlas of fungal corneal ulcers: clinical features

By Lalitha Prajna

ISBN-10: 8184483651

ISBN-13: 9788184483659

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2 ml 7. Absolute methyl alcohol 8. Distilled water. 1% gold chloride • Rinse with two changes of distilled water • Immerse in 2% sodium thiosulfate solution for 2 minutes • Wash with tap water Staining Procedure for Rapid Identification of Fungi 31 • Counter stain for 1 minute with fresh 1: 5 dilution in distilled water of stock light green solution • Air dry, clean and mount. • Examine by light microscopy using 400X and 1000X magnification Interpretation: Fungal elements stain silver to black, using a low power objective; fungal elements can easily be seen in a tissue section (Fig.

40 Aravind’s Atlas of Fungal Corneal Ulcers TECHNIQUES OF MICROSCOPIC EXAMINATION Principle The simplest technique consists in placing a fragment of the colony between a slide and cover slip. This approach is rapid and often adequate for identification. Delicate fungal structures, however, are often broken by this process, rendering identification difficult. The adhesive tape technique assists in maintaining the integrity of fungal structures by fixing them on the adhesive surface of a piece of transparent (Not frosted) tape.

Examine using a fluorescence microscope for characteristic apple-green (or red if filter is used) chemo fluorescence of fungi and amoebic cysts. We used a Nikon fluorescence microscope with orange-red filter. 20A and B: Blue white fluorescence of fungal hyphae of corneal scraping in KOH Calcofluor staining (A – 200 X magnification, B – 400 X magnification) Interpretation 1. Positive fluorescence is apple-green (or bright orange-red if filter is used) (Fig. 20). 2. Background and other cells stain red-brown.

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