Advanced Aesthetic Rhinoplasty: Art, Science, and New by Yves Saban M.D., Chiara Andretto Amodeo M.D., Roberto PDF

By Yves Saban M.D., Chiara Andretto Amodeo M.D., Roberto Polselli (auth.), Melvin A. Shiffman, Alberto Di Giuseppe (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3642280528

ISBN-13: 9783642280528

ISBN-10: 3642280536

ISBN-13: 9783642280535

Aesthetic rhinoplasty is likely one of the commonest aesthetic operations within the box of facial aesthetic cosmetic surgery, however it can also be seen as essentially the most complicated. This complete booklet offers a wealth of updated details on complex aesthetic rhinoplasty thoughts. After dialogue of anatomy, mental matters, and preoperative making plans, a variety of fundamental and secondary rhinoplasty strategies are defined basically and intimately by means of quite a few top quality colour illustrations. using fillers in rhinoplasty, ethnic adaptations in anatomy and strategies, and attainable dangers and issues are all in actual fact defined. This booklet is meant basically for knowledgeable surgeons within the fields of cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, common surgical procedure, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, oral maxillofacial surgical procedure, and beauty surgical subspecialties. it is going to even be a useful source for citizens and fellows.

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The soft tissues and skin of the external nose are innervated by the infratrochlear and external nasal nerves. These are branches of the ophthalmic division of the trigeminal nerve. Nasal branches of the infraorbital and anterior superior alveolar nerves, both terminal branches of the maxillary nerve, provide further sensory innervation to the sides and part of the tip and columella (Fig. 2). Within the nasal cavity, special sensory innervation relating to olfaction is provided by the first cranial nerve.

5). Nasalis consists of compressor naris and dilator naris. The motor nerves to these muscles arise from the buccal branch of the facial nerve. Superficial branches supply procerus, whereas lower zygomatic or upper deep buccal branches supply the two parts of nasalis and depressor septi. M. Prendergast 22 Lacrimal gland parasympathetic sympathetic sensory Pterygopalatine ganglion Superior salivatory nucleus Vidian n. Deep petrosal n. Greater petrosal n. Cervical sympathetic ganglion Fig. 4 Autonomic nerve supply to the nose.

3 Infraorbital Nerve The infraorbital nerve is the largest terminal branch of the maxillary nerve. The latter arises between the first and third divisions of the trigeminal nerve as a broad band, passes through the foramen rotundum, and becomes more cord-like as it enters the pterygopalatine fossa. M. Prendergast 20 before continuing anteriorly to give off its sensory branches that innervate the midface. Nasal sensory nerves arise from both the anterior superior alveolar nerve and the larger infraorbital nerve.

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Advanced Aesthetic Rhinoplasty: Art, Science, and New Clinical Techniques by Yves Saban M.D., Chiara Andretto Amodeo M.D., Roberto Polselli (auth.), Melvin A. Shiffman, Alberto Di Giuseppe (eds.)

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