Majid Fakhry's A History of Islamic Philosophy (3rd Edition) PDF

By Majid Fakhry

ISBN-10: 0231132212

ISBN-13: 9780231132213

The 1st finished survey of Islamic philosophy from the 7th century to the current, this vintage discusses Islamic notion and its impact at the cultural elements of Muslim lifestyles. Fakhry indicates how Islamic philosophy has from the earliest occasions a particular line of improvement, which supplies it the cohesion and continuity which are the marks of the nice highbrow hobbies of background.

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425; Ibn Abi U$aybi'ah, 'Uyun, I, 245; al-Qif\:I, Tankh, p. 2636o Al-Qifti, Tankh, pp. 38-39, 40. 61 Al-Fihrist, p. 368. 62 The Arabic version of Analytica Priora is probably the work of Theodorus Abo Qurra (d. 82o), disciple of St. John of Damascus and Bishop of I:Iarran (al-Qifti, Tankh, p. 36, al-Fihrist, p. 362, and Walzer and Kraus, Galeni, p. 99). 63 Cf. al-Qifti, Tankh, pp. 278, 323, and al-Fihrist, p. 382. 16 THE LEGACY OF GREECE, ALEXANDRIA, AND THE ORIENT His disciple, the Jacobite Yabia b.

J. f. ; cf. infra, p. 131. 4 For Jacob's literary activity see Duval, Histoire d'Edesse, pp. 44-51. 1 THE LEGACY OF GREECE, ALEXANDRIA, AND THE ORIENT 3 Founded by John bar Aphtonia (d. 538) in the sixth century, it produced numerous scholars, the most distinguished of whom was Severus Sebokht (d. 667 ). s Severus' most famous disciple was Jacob of Edessa, whose learning ranged widely over theology, philosophy, geography, grammar, and other subjects. Of Jacob's philosophical works we have a Treatise on Technical Tenns, the Enchiridion, and a Syriac version of the Categories.

Zs Another Persian astronomer was Abn Sahl al-Fadl al-Naubakhti of the famous Shiite family of Naubakht, whose founder was converted from Zoroastrianism and was attached to the service of al-Man$fir as his court astrologer. Abn Sahl, who succeeded his father in this office, is said to have been the librarian and astrologer of Harnn and to have translated astronomical works from Persian into Arabic. 26 The preponderance of astronomical and astrological works is linked to a significant feature of the reign of Harnn, and indeed most of the early 'Abbasid caliphs.

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