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By Piers Anthony

ISBN-10: 0812555120

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Breanna, a gorgeous younger newcomer to the enchanted land of Zanth, needs to care for a distressing obstacle. She has unwittingly attracted the affections of King Xeth, ruler of Xanth's Zombies, who yearns to make her Queen of the Undead! Her quest to maintain her innocence, and locate her future, takes her on an exciting expedition jam-packed with perils, puzzles, and mounds of puns. Zombie Lover will offer a great quantity of macabre merriment for
Xanth's many fans.

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Yes. " Dor focused on the clock sitting on the far side of the vine. " he asked it. " it cried, alarmed. It was an alarm clock, that got alarmed by the silliest things. "Don't let it near me! " "I think the fish tank just got it," the shelf said. The fish tank in the neighboring aquarium swung its turret around, searching for the fly. It rolled forward on its treads, but no fly was to be found. It fired off a watery shell, annoyed. "Maybe it's a sapphire fly," the aquarium said. The flame vine's flower whipped around, because those bright little flies were its kind.

She struggled, reaching wildly with her arms-and discovered that a head was resting on her face. It was a man. In fact, he was kissing her! She grabbed him by the ears and heaved him off her innocent lips. She tried to scream, but first had to inhale, and in the time it took to do that she was sitting up so violently that her dark glasses fell off. Blinding day assaulted her eyes, and she had to squeeze them tightly closed. When she shut her eyes, her mouth shut too, stifling her scream. She had never thought to practice screaming with her eyes closed.

A jet of hair shot out and formed a cloud around the pot. Soon it got worse: the hair formed into choking tangles. " it exclaimed, coughing. " Dor smiled. It was never wise to call his wife's bluff. She did not like back talk. Irene brought out a hare comb. "After this perhaps you will behave," she said as the hare tackled the worst of the tangles, clearing the pot's surface. "Yes," the pot agreed, chastened. Irene moved on to the miniature hackberry tree. It bore small axe-shaped berries that waved about, trying to hack things.

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