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By Jean Rabe

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During this situation, renegade wizards have fled to the Vale of the Mage, and the participant characters are despatched around the Barrier Peaks after them; if the characters make it to the Vale, they need to attempt to convince its grasp, the Black One, to assist them opposed to the renegades. ~ sixty four pages, plus poster map.

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T) * There are a great many traps and magical barriers that also prevent entry to the valley. (T) * And once someone has entered, he can never leave. (F) * The Valley of the Mage is not a valley at all, nor is it part of Oerth. The valley is located on another plane, and walking into the valley takes you to that plane. (F) * There are no humans living inside the vale other than the Black One, if indeed he is human. Valley elves and gnomes are the only people inside the vale. (F) * The valley elves live in a great stone citadel near the river that was built by the Black One.

Perhaps I am being overly concerned. Perhaps the threat has passed. But I believe it is better to be cautious and safe than overconfident and in jeopardy. “Recently, a group of wizards, necromancers to be more precise, came into Bissel and started threatening some of the people in the outlying areas. They attacked low-level adventurers, particularly other wizards. It was clear they were after magic or something arcane. they harassed people in the villages, harming those who made any show of strength against them.

Some of the rocks are tall, reaching toward the leafy canopy overhead. Others are low and flat and have smaller rocks spaced evenly about them, almost like tables and chairs. Flowered vines crawl up many of the larger rocks, and some of the smaller rocks are covered with green and yellow mosses. In the center of the rock garden is a large, crystal-clear pond that is ringed with small, smooth stones of a variety of colors. Several three-foot-tall creatures covered with long, tangled hair move into the clearing and look at you.

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