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By Tom Maule

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You will find solutions to questions not anyone is looking. this is quite a few: a guy used to be arrested and charged with the robbery-of merchandising machines. the fellow published his bail, completely in quarters. prepared crime is predicted to account for 10% of the USA' nationwide source of revenue. Deer cannot devour hay. Guinea pigs and rabbits cannot sweat. Skunks can properly spray their stinky fluid so far as ten ft. The lifespan of a squirrel is set 9 years. Giraffes cannot cough. Fleas can leap greater than 2 hundred instances their physique size. In Bavaria, beer isn't really thought of an alcoholic drink yet quite a staple meals. Fanta Orange is the 3rd biggest promoting delicate drink on the planet. Toasters that do not eject Pop cakes thoroughly could cause Pop truffles to emit flames 10-18 inches in top. Mount St. Helens elevation dropped 1,313 toes in 1980. The 'spot' on 7UP comes from its inventor who had purple eyes. He was once albino. The ace of spades in a taking part in card deck symbolizes dying. you will discover those and hundreds of thousands extra.

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Tropical ants, when a flood sweeps down on them, roll themselves into a huge living ball, which drifts upon the water, with the young safe and dry at the core. Scientists turn up as many as 10,000 new species of insects every year. Worms can have up to ten hearts. The dragonfly has about 30,000 lenses covering the retina of its eye, and thus sees many, many images where we see only one. Fleas can accelerate 50 times faster than the space shuttle. Male bees will try to attract sex partners with orchid fragrance.

Another term for a black cow was a mud fizz. The cashew is part of a fruit that grows in tropical regions called 'a cashew apple'. After harvesting, the cashew apple keeps for only 24 hours before the soft fruit deteriorates. The cashew apple is not commercially important since it spoils quickly, but local people love the fruit. To harvest the nut, the ripe apple is allowed to fall to the ground where natives easily gather it. The apple and nut are separated. South Pittsburgh, Tennessee, better known as "The Cornbread Capitol of the World," has an old ordinance pertaining to the cooking of this southern staple.

When John Wilkes Booth leaped onto the stage after shooting the President, he tripped—on the American flag. " George Washington had to borrow money so he could travel to his inauguration. Lyndon Johnson died one mile from the house he was born in. Grover Cleveland answered the White House phone, personally. Calvin Coolidge was sworn into office by his own father. Theodore Roosevelt was blind in his left eye. Charlie Chaplin was so popular during the 1920s and 1930s, he received over 73,00 letters in just 2 days during a visit to London.

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