Lance Humble's The World Greatest Blackjack Book PDF

By Lance Humble

ISBN-10: 0385153821

ISBN-13: 9780385153829

Now, for the 1st time, the main finished advisor to blackjack ever written is offered as a exchange paperback.

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He· picked up his cards with a snap to review the hand, and the dealer hit him with a third card. The man protested that he hadn't wanted a hit, and before an argument could start, the dealer alertly called the pit boss over. Since the man had an obvious standing hand, the pit boss instructed the dealer to bum the hit card and asked the player to be more careful about the way he handled his cards. Had the hand not been such an obvious standing situation, the player might have had to accept the card.

THIEVERY Any place that attracts a large amount of people with money to lose attracts thieves. In the first six weeks of play in Atlantic City, there were two armed robberies in the rest rooms. I found out what was possible quite by accident once while seeing a show at the Stardust in Las Vegas. Our par~y had excellent seats at the Lido show, a table at center stage front. One of· the acts was a French pickpocket who could take anything. He was walking by where we were seated and suddenly dropped the mike.

A soft hand is one that contains an Ace. Depending upon what the dealer up card is, you may wish to double down on A,7, for example. To signal a double-down play to the dealer, all you need to do is move your double-down second wager into the betting square and set it next to your original bet. If you are playing in a facedown game, you must also turn over your cards so the dealer can verify that you have a two-card total that may be doubled. When you tum them over, place them on the dealer's side of the betting square.

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