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The Sniper's Wife (Joe Gunther, Book 13) by Archer Mayor PDF

Unique e-book: 2002

The harrowing name comes from the NYPD. Willy's ex-wife, Mary, has been chanced on lifeless in her reduce East aspect house and Willy is requested to spot the physique. Torn from his loved Vermont, Willy returns to the town of his hard-drinking formative years with misgivings that deepen whilst he sees Mary's unhappy corpse on a gurney. as a result of a clean puncture mark in her arm, the police imagine she overdosed. but Willy has doubts. pushed through loss and guilt, he searches deeper and deeper into his prior, to a long-ago Vietnam the place he was once a cruel loner often called the Sniper. quickly Willy will resolution for his previous sins. .. and dwell as much as his chilling nickname.

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While The Princess of Burundi used to be released through Thomas Dunne Books, American critics hailed Kjell Eriksson as Sweden's Ed McBain, and so they in comparison him to Henning Mankell. Now the tough Stars of the evening, the subsequent during this across the world acclaimed crime sequence, unveils a spellbinding new story back that includes police inspector Ann Lindell.

Body Line by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles PDF

The brand-new invoice Slider secret - David Rogers was once a physician, good-looking, captivating and rich. He lived the way of life of a consultant – dear outfits, best eating places, particular clubs – till someone killed him within the hallway of his beautiful million-plus-pound house. but if invoice Slider and his enterprise are thrown into the secret, they quickly observe that not anything is because it turns out, for although David’s girlfriends are lots, none of them can inform Slider something approximately the place he labored or what precisely he did .

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Tall, large-boned and small-breasted, with brows that arched high above her deep brown eyes, prominent cheekbones, a strong neck and a light down on her pro- truding upper lip, which was usually curved as if in sup- pressed amusement, Tania Biacis resembled a Byzantine Madonna come down from her mosaic in some chilly apse, a Madonna not of sorrow but of joy, of secret glee, who knew that the universe was actually the most tremendous joke and could hardly believe that everyone else was taking it seriously.

Then something overwhelmed me, knocking me over, opening me up. I couldn't have resisted even if I'd wanted to. It wasn't like the prst time, the man under the table wounding me with his pistol. All he gave me was pain. This was different. I knew at once that I was carrying a death. It won't be long now. Already I feel light and insubstantial, as though I were dissolving. The darkness is on the move, billowing out to enshroud me, winding me in its endless folds. Everything is in flux. Solid rock gives way at my touch, the ground flows beneath me as though the river had returned to its courses, unexplored caverns burst open like preworks as I advance.

No wonder he was feeling so strange. Seen through the mists of sleeplessness, every- thing had the insubstantial, fluid quality of a dream. He picked up the remote control, pressed the play button and tried to concentrate on the screen again. You had to hand it to Oscar! No doubt the camera angle had been carefully chosen, but it was really very difficult to believe that this beach, these rocks, those plashing wavelets were not part of a natural coastline, but a swim- ming pool five kilometres inland.

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