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By Leslie Klenerman

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ISBN-13: 9781852339258

This e-book, a collaboration among an orthopedic doctor and a paleoanthropologist, starts off through tracing the evolutionary historical past of toes the entire approach from their beginnings as fins to fashionable human ft. It provides the foot, a missed yet very important area, taking into consideration advances within the learn of evolution, imaging, body structure and biomechanics.

The improvement of gait in teenagers is defined and measurements of foot pressures and their worth are mentioned. additionally analyzed are a number of examples of the foot in motion equivalent to working, ballet dancing, tightrope jogging, kicking, firewalking, swimming and the foot in microgravity, finishing with a bankruptcy at the lack of elements and the entire of the foot, the results and prosthetic substitute.

The textual content might be of curiosity to orthopedic surgeons, physiotherapists, activities scientists, and podiatrists. it's going to additionally attract somebody drawn to their feet.

Read this ebook and you'll achieve new perception and admire in your feet.

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Stern and Susman [37] interpret the broad attachment sites for the cubonavicular and calcaneonavicular ligaments on the plantar region of the navicular as an indication of a medial longitudinal arch and of restricted mobility. In contrast, Sarmiento and Marcus [52] and Harcourt-Smith [53] suggest the large navicular tuberosity argues against the presence of a medial longitudinal arch. In addition Berillon [54] suggests that the apelike dorsal obliquity of the Au. afarensis navicular indicates a range of dorsiflexion that is inconsistent with a medial longitudinal arch.

Sapiens and Au. afarensis, these two lines are approximately parallel. Latimer et al. [36] use this as evidence to predict that the Au. afarensis ankle joint would have enjoyed less mobility than that of the African apes. (Adapted with permission from Latimer B, Ohman JC, Lovejoy CO. Talocrural joint in African hominoids: implications for Australopithecus afarensis. Am J Phys Anthropol. 1987 Oct; 74(2):162. Copyright © 1987 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ) Recent Evolution of the Human Foot 43 and Lovejoy [45] described this characteristic as intermediate between the African ape and the modern human conditions.

1967; 3: 21–27. Corruccini R. Comparative osteometrics of the hominoid wrist joint, with special reference to knuckle-walking. 1978; 7: 307–321. Shea B, Inouye S. Knuckle-walking ancestors. Science. 1993; 259: 293–294. Begun D. Knuckle-walking ancestors. Science. 1993b. 259: 294. Begun D. Relations among the great apes and humans: new interpretations based on the fossil great ape Dryopithecus. Yrbk Phys Anthrop. 1994; 37: 11–63. Richmond B, Strait D. Evidence that humans evolved from a knuckle-walking ancestor.

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