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Wealthy with implications for the heritage of sexuality, gender concerns, and styles of Hellenic literary imagining, Marcel Detienne's landmark booklet recasts long-standing principles in regards to the fertility fable of Adonis. the writer demanding situations Sir James Frazer's thesis that the crops god Adonis-- whose untimely demise used to be mourned by means of ladies and whose resurrection marked a joyous occasion--represented the yearly cycle of progress and rot in agriculture. utilizing the analytic instruments of structuralism, Detienne indicates in its place that the fairs of Adonis depict a seductive yet impotent and fruitless deity--whose actual ineptitude ended in his dying in a boar hunt, and then his physique was once present in a lettuce patch. Contrasting the fairs of Adonis with the solemn ones devoted to Demeter, the goddess of grain, he unearths the previous as a parody and negation of the establishment of marriage.Detienne considers the short-lived gardens that Athenian ladies planted in mockery for Adonis's competition, and explores the functionality of such vegetal subject as spices, mint, myrrh, cereal, and rainy crops in spiritual perform and in a big variety of myths. His inquiry exposes, between many stuff, attitudes towards sexual actions starting from "perverse" acts to marital kinfolk.

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