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The clouds which drop fatness upon our fields & pastures'. Islands - eye-lands-& piled mountains of light. A circumambient voyage into the visible. I saw that at Shoreham. I saw hybernacula move like clouds, & the turtle's eyes red within. I saw a badger root among soft yellow plums of moonlight, & at dawn, a sheep shade the dews from its coat, in coronae. I saw 'vegetable gold' - the light of suns fold in upon itself, as leaves of a cabbage I watched the elder grow first green, then white, then a lustrous black.

A warm haze settles over the wheat. The air is sibilant with insect wings. In the distance, several reapers bend to scythe grain & all is quickened with hidden electricity. The field, with its broken fence, slopes down to where a thatched barn is half hidden among beeches. This is a plain structure, shaped like a hill. Its roof sags, encrusted with that emerald-green moss, Tortula ruralis: smooth, rounded clumps now, in the dryness of harvest, partly shrunken, & of a yellow-stained olive. Three large rooks move slowly above the ripe stalks unperturbed by the reapers.

Cuckoos awoke in the tubers - earth-worm & mole & turtle all danced to the thunder, the peal & thunder. A bellow & clamor came out of the hills: in diapason. . a dissonance & musical order. ROOKS, ROOKS, BLACKBIRDS, CUCKOOS. EARTH-WORM & MOLE & TURTLE.

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