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By Summers G.J.

ISBN-10: 0486228770

ISBN-13: 9780486228778

50 puzzles with new turns of thought and new subtleties of inference.

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It is in the I or r slice. (If it is already at UF(r), go to step c). B. Slice-edges way). Apply (RBLF)U(F'L'B'R')U' to put it in the Right face, anro a e`tee cube back to where it was. Since the UF(I or r) edge in question is now in the Right face, go to step i. c. Both UF(l or r) edges are now at UF(I or r). If they are both correctly oriented, go to step 2. Ifthey are both incorrectly oriented, apply Basic Move 7: R OF' ' 2 lFRL and go to step 2. Both Or r edges are now solved. Rotate the whole cube, keeping the Right face to the Right.

Solve the Edges This is just like before with a few changes. Throughout, replace (RBLF)U(F'L'B'R')U' with F'UFU'. A. Solve the Right-edges This is just like before, except at the end of step 1 you return the Iand r slices to where they started to restore the centers. B. No change is necessary. C. ii. Ifyou don't like Basic Move 8,- you may use a hybrid: use Basic Move 8, thus moving some centers, and then solve them again following the original solution Step 111. - Solve the Corners This is exactly the same as on a 3 x 3 x 3 cube with one amusing addition: you may have to exchange two corners.

Basic Move 6- (Steps IF--A, B and C) Same as Basic Move 6. 57 Alternative Solution Basic Move 7 - (Steps IlF-A, B and C) Same as Basic Move 7. Basic Move 8 - (Step I--C) Now you need u2B2[(f'I'fb'r'f')d(frbf'If)B'L'U2 [move X']U2 LB]B2u2 which exchanges the FR(u) and FR(d) edges but does not affect centers. Basic Move 9 - (Step I ) In place of R'(fr'f')R(frf') you may simply use F'uFu' which also essentially switches two centers. (It actually moves five centers). It moves some edges but now you don't care about this.

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