Temple of Elemental Evil (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons AD&D by Gary Gygax, Frank Mentzer PDF

By Gary Gygax, Frank Mentzer

ISBN-10: 0880380187

ISBN-13: 9780880380188

What begun years in the past with the creation of the gamers to the quiet village of Hommlet and the fantastic lands of Greyhawk, ultimately is whole. this is the lengthy awaited crusade experience that includes the ruins of the Temple of Elemental Evil! Evil broods and grows underneath these blasted stones. this is often your likelihood to force it again and scatter its forces back.

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Its top has a hollowed out portion resembling a human form, with legs apart and arms away from the body. This depression is stained a darker color than the rest. Just north of the altar is a circular, marble-lined pit — a well of sorts— 20 feet in diameter. Shards of broken crystal vessels lie about the well, near the altar, and scattered about the floor. A crystal knife with a broken blade lies atop the stone block. Careful examination of the well reveals a one-foot wide ledge beginning 15 feet from the mouth of the shaft.

If the party is rather on the weak side, you should alter the probabilities for mercenaries rather than involve Otis, Y'dey, or Murfles. The players would tend to rely too heavily on these NPCs, rather than developing their own characters' skills. To adjust for a party in need of strengthening, use Mercenary Table 2. Assume that each time a PC enters the Waterside Hostel 5-8 such mercenaries are present. Mercenary Table 1 (Normal) 1-3 Chaotic Evil 4-5 Neutral Evil 6 Chaotic Neutral Mercenary Table 2 (Party in need) 1 Bandits 2-3 Neutral Evil mercenaries 4-6 Neutral mercenaries Leaders Mercenaries are led by a second level fighter, and if more than six are present, by a first level "serjeant" as well.

K. a. Murfles, Otis' fellow- adventurer and follower, an elven warrior-footpad, Level 2/2 Fighter/Thief), AC 6 (no armor) or better (see below); hp 12; AL NG; XP 156 S 15 I 9 W 11 D 18 Co 15 Ch 14 Thief abilities: PP 40; OL 49; F/RT 30; MS 34 36; HS 35; HN 15; CW 86. Carried: shortsword (under robe), purse with 9 sp, 5 gp, and 2 pp. Y'dey is the chief cleric of the church of St. Cuthbert in Hommlet, away on this 'sabbatical'. She has a suit of plate mail +1, shield + 1, mace + 1, ring of (ire resistance, potion of flying, a scroll of 3 cleric spells.

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