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How long was the log? 43 Sherlock Holmes Puzzles • 54 Holmes was reading a note from Professor Moriarty. Holmes then told Watson the time of the meeting. " asked Watson. " "The time reads the same upside down as it does the right way u p , " replied Holmes. What time was the meeting to take place? 43 Sherlock Holmes Puzzles • 55 Professor Moriarty's three partners in crime listened as he explained how they would r o b Mansfield Hall. " H a v e you got all t h a t ? " said Moriarty finally. "It's important that we rob the four rooms in sequence before making our escape .

I've been paying attention, Boss," said Knuckles. "It's the kitchen, games r o o m , study and library," he said confidently. " screamed Moriarty. " Can you give the correct o r d e r ? " Sherlock Holmes Puzzles • 113 Watson read out a telegram from Moriarty. " he said. "What does it m e a n ? " "He's telling us that he intends to commit a major crime in each of four European cities, Watson. " What four cities did Moriariy intend to strike? 43 Sherlock Holmes Puzzles • 113 A coded message had been delivered by hand to Sherlock Holmes.

Can you work out the ages of all three children? Sherlock Holmes Puzzles • 45 Holmes was sitting in the study of 221b Baker Street gazing idly at the blazing fire. "What are you thinking a b o u t ? " asked Watson. " "How interesting," replied Watson somewhat halfheartedly. What was the number Holmes had originally thought of? 43 Sherlock Holmes Puzzles • 46 Professor Moriarty, after having committed a robbery , sat with his two accomplices dividing out the money. The total amount stolen was £4,700.

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