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By Martin Gardner

ISBN-10: 0140064664

ISBN-13: 9780140064667

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Circle any number not crossed out, and again eliminate its row and column. Repeat this two more times. Circle the only remaining number. Add the five circled numbers. The sum will be 56. Why does this seeming miracle always work? 51 PUZZLE 3 0 10 9 13 II 8 II 15 13 10 13 9 12, 8 1(o \Z IV 10 II 7 II 10 IV \l 3 As customary, Rendrag withheld his answers until the following month. 52 PUZZLE After twenty years of work, Professor Charles Blabbage, whom we met in puzzle 18, finally perfected his notorious decision prediction machine.

Return to the story’s first sen­ tence. For its first noun substitute the story’s last noun, for its second noun substitute the second noun from the end, and so on until the nth noun of the opening sentence has been replaced by the nth noun from the end. The result usually makes a strange kind of sense that conveys something of the story’s mood and the author’s style. One may take liberties with capitalization, and also alter singular nouns to plural (or vice versa) when this is necessary to make a sentence grammatically correct.

They seemed in astonishingly good condition, all dating from 1926 through 1949 and no two alike. “The latest issue costs a dollar,” the old man said. “The next costs three dollars, the next five, and so on in consecu­ tive odd numbers. It’s not a complete run. Lots of issues are missing. ” I counted the magazines and scribbled a calculation on the back of an envelope. ” “In that case,” said the gnome, “I’ll let you figure the price differently. You can divide the stack into two parts in any way you like, and pay for each according to the same system— a dollar for one, three dollars for two, five for three,' and so on.

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Science Fiction Puzzle Tales by Martin Gardner

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