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By John H.C. Colson

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Increasing the surface area auto­ matically necessitates the displacement of a larger volume of water and leads to an increase in resistance. Similarly, an increase in the speed of movement produces an associated increase of resistance. This is largely due to the turbulence associat~d with a-more rapid movement, positive pressure being created in the direction of the movement and a negative, or drag force, behind it. In pool therapy, when the body is floating horizontally in the water with buoyancy providing support, it is comparatively easy to enlarge the surface area of a limb by the use of a small float, such as a swim ring or cork or polystyrene block.

He then parts the legs slightly and flexes the hips and knees as far as possible with the soles of the feet resting on the flo~r, each leg being moved in tum. Then, with a strong movement of extension of the arms, reinforced by extension of knees and hips, he lifts the body upwards and backwards so as to bring the buttocks on to the front edge of the stool (low grasp inclined long sitting position) (Fig. 35c).

A b Fig. 31. slightly away =bed. He raises the ir·3(6) and eases it dYis on to the bed, tof'the upper trunk IDDS ill a crook position. ~ring • the postoperative the knee is bent to bed; the left leg is :h the arm slightly IIg to the left, right II! right foot-helps lIight left leg. To Icgree as the right. Do left shoulder, and lliderable discom­ III on the bed and Ie position. g. giving of bed-pan and attention to pressure areas. In a modified form (low Bridge) it is widely used as a preliminary to a number of functional movements, as previously described.

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