Download e-book for iPad: Nyambe: Ancestral Vault (A sourcebook for Nyambe)(d20 by Chris Dolunt, Chris Jones

By Chris Dolunt, Chris Jones

ISBN-10: 158978040X

ISBN-13: 9781589780408

Drawn from the sweltering rainforests and hazardous savannahs of Nyambe, Ancestral Vault brings avid gamers a wealthy hoard of African-flavored treasures and kit. This 96-page excellent certain sourcebook describes mundane D20 process gear, specified and greater goods, and magical gadgets of all levels of strength. notwithstanding designed to be used with Atlas video games’ Nyambe: African Adventures surroundings, these things can locate their method into any crusade as unique treasures from remote lands. Ancestral Vault comprises: New magical earrings, rods, staves, wands, potions, wondrous goods, cursed goods, and artifacts. principles for magical video games, some distance jap prayer beads, and exchange magic merchandise production feats. New adventuring gear, software kits, send ideas, exchange items, armor, shields, and guns, in addition to fixes for the inability of armor in Nyambe. principles for utilizing ordinary drugs to create tattoos, ritual scars, and natural concoctions. Magic merchandise tables for the entire goods in Ancestral Vault in addition to these present in Nyambe: African Adventures.

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The ancient kosans cold iron and alchemical silver for bypassing damage reduction. devised this ability, and to this day only the ngoloko half-orcs Weapons with this enchantment appear normal, but release a pale know how to create crippling weapons. Moderate necromancy; CL 11th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, flash of light when striking a creature with Damage Reduction. Moderate transmutation; CL 6th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, creator must have orc blood, bestow curse; Price +3 bonus greater magic weapon; Price +1 bonus DISARMING OOZE-DESTROYING Crafted for use in ritual combat, a disarming weapon has its An ooze-destroying weapon is capable of damaging the enhancement bonus increased by +4 when used to disarm an organelles in an ooze, allowing the wielder to score critical hits opponent.

34,500 gp Faint divination; CL 5th; Forge Ring, detect snares and pits; ELDER’S ROD Price 12,500 gp This rod is a dehydrated bull’s penis, nearly three feet in length. Such rods are sometimes carried by clan elders to represent power RODS and virility, despite an advanced age. Anyone holding an elder’s rod Rods are important magic items in Nyambe-tanda, being the is immune to the effects of aging. These effects return as soon as male counterpart of rings. As might be expected, enchanted rods the rod is released from the wielder’s grip.

When worn it provides a +4 circumstance bonus to Hide and Move Silently, and a +8 circumstance bonus to Balance checks. In areas of tall grass or heavy undergrowth, the Hide bonus improves to +8. Faint illusion, CL 4th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, invisibility; Price 13,760 gp; Cost 6,960 gp + 544 XP 34 ANCESTRAL VAULT LION ARMOR SPIRIT SHIELD (PSIONIC) This suit of +5 leather armor is made from the skin of a lion. The bearer of this +2 large leather shield (substitute a large With a command word, the wearer’s hands and feet transform into wooden shield if you don’t have a copy of Nyambe: African lion paws, and the wearer’s head changes into that of a lion.

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