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Do ethical dilemmas really exist? What counts as an ethical drawback? Can an sufficient ethical conception admit the opportunity of real conflicts of ethical responsibilities? during this booklet, twelve trendy ethical theorists research those and different questions from a wide selection of philosophical views. involved all through with the consequences of ethical dilemmas for ethical concept, this choice of essays captures in outstanding model the whole scope and energy of the present ethical dilemmas debate. together with either realist and anti-realist meta-ethical positions, and Kantian and consequentialist normative perspectives, ethical Dilemmas and ethical conception sheds new gentle on numerous status controversies in ethical philosophy whereas elevating a clean set of difficult matters. members comprise Simon Blackburn, Ruth Barcan Marcus, Alan Donagan, Terrance McConnell, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, Mary Mothersill, Norman Dahl, David breaking point, Peter Railton, Thomas E. Hill, Jr., Christopher Gowans, and H.E. Mason.

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A bankruptcy law permits a distribution to all creditors. But those are the exceptional cases. In being forced to rule, a judge, given the role of precedent in our legal system is, contra Dworkin, creating law. Furthermore, in those areas of the law that are supposed to reflect moral commitments, a judge, being forced to a decision in hard cases, may be making legal, or illegal, actions for which no analogous moral resolution would have been available. In that way, the judge or legislator may be constraining our choice of action in non-moral spheres.

But, it may be argued, when confronted with what are apparently symmetrical choices undecidable on moral grounds (dilemma in the strong sense), agents do, finally, choose. That is sometimes understood as a way in which, given good will, an agent makes explicit the rules under which he acts. It is the way an agent discovers a priority principle under which he orders his actions. That may sometimes correctly describe the case. But I should like to question the generality of such a claim. A frequently quoted remark of E.

3 Moral Residue and Dilemmas TERRANCE C. MCCONNELL A moral dilemma is a situation in which each of two things ought to be done but both cannot be done. 1 In order for a moral conflict to count as a genuine dilemma, the conflicting obligations or moral requirements2 must at least be such that neither overrides the other. 4 Also, genuine moral dilemmas are ontological, not merely epistemic; the truth of the conflicting oughtstatements is independent of the agent's beliefs. 5 In this essay I shall critically assess one type of argument advanced by those who support the view that moral theories must allow for dilemmas.

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