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View the answers for this section Quidditch – Part 2 221. Who was the only girl on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team? 222. Who insists that Harry and his friends support the Ireland Quidditch Team at the world cup? 223. And who did Ireland beat in the Semi Final? 224. Who did they play in the final? 225. And which of these two won? 226. Who refereed the final? 227. How much were a pair of Omniculars at the World Cup? 228. Which type of wood is the handle of a Nimbus 2000 made from? 229. Who banned Harry from playing Quidditch in his fifth year?

So who takes over from him at Griffindor? 347. Who captains the Holyhead Harpies? 348. How many years had it been since Britain last hosted the Quidditch World Cup? 349. What colour was the dark mark skull in the sky when Britain did host it after all that time? 350. And which house elf did Harry meet there? View the answers for this section Other Characters – Part 3 351. Who were Sirius Black’s parents? 352. Who is linked to both Hogwarts staff and the hospital? What did Apollyon Pringle do at Hogwarts when Mrs Weasley was a student there?

364. Which shop does Draco attend in Knockturn Alley? 365. Who does Harry ask to watch Malfoy together? 366. How are Crabbe and Goyle disguised when on look out? 367. Who did Draco take to the Yule Ball? 368. To what size did Draco’s nose swell during one of Professor Snape’s Potions classes? 369. Who dressed up as dementors to scare Harry, along with Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle? 370. Which spell did Professor Snape suggest Draco cast on Harry at the Duelling Club? View the answers for this section The Weasley Family – Part 3 371.

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