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End layouts, do difficult calculations, and clear up the advanced mysteries of visible designs. Take a scissors and check out to copy a «mind-bending» curved layout with quite a few snips.

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The village is completely abandoned. Most of the cabins have been forcibly entered in some way; doors have been splintered open, windows shattered, or even walls broken through. The adventurers can slam a door shut or block a window, but the only advantage they will gain is limiting the number of wolves that can come at them at once. If the heroes manage to make an effective stand inside a building, Gregor orders some of his boyarsky to assume human form and set fire to the player characters’ stronghold to force them out.

The boyarsky accept most reasonable stories, such as a claim to be traders or furriers from another village. ) They will not believe any story in which the PCs portray themselves as boyarsky or natives of the village. If any of the PCs are wearing heavy armor or carrying any weapons besides bows, staves, or knives, the boyarsky realize that they are not leqitimate travelers. The boiarsky attack any party that they have caught in a lie after demanding the party's surrender. They fight until seriously wounded and then retreat back to the boyar's hall to raise the alarm and gather reinforcements.

The folk knew that the boyar would be back, but they never saw Gregor again-instead, a pack of wolves descended on the village two nights ago and slaughtered all the people that they coutd catch. Sergei tells the party that they cannot try the mountains until the winter passes, which will never end until some awful curse is undone. Ewountur Ut Crugor Again ,the PCs were captured by Gregor in Encounter IV, skip down to In Gregor's I Power. The boyar and his men bind and gag the characters securely, traveling to the place marked as The Clearing on the map before Gregor speaks to them.

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