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By Anne Bishop

ISBN-10: 1101043687

ISBN-13: 9781101043684

The nationwide bestselling Black Jewels trilogy confirmed award-winning Anne Bishop as an writer whose "sublime skill...blends the darkly macabre with spine-tingling emotional depth, enthralling magic, lush sensuality, and fascinating action."* Now the saga continues-with 4 all-new adventures of Jaenelle and her kindred.

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If something could be described by referring to the animal it came from, they ignored the human word for the end result. They viewed the world from their own furry perspective, which was fair, he supposed, since no two people, let alone two species, would view the world around them in quite the same way. "I don't need clothes right now. " *But,Yas—* He sensed it then. Someone coming up the stone stairs from the landing area below had passed through the perimeter shield he'd placed around the eyrie.

Now… Did her mother know she was trapped on this island, exposed and dying? Did her sire, the great Prince of the Dragons, sense her fading presence in the world? Would they feel disappointment in her that, during moments of despair and heartache and hope, she was trying to pass her gift to a small, golden spider? She should have stayed in the dark mountain that was the lair of the Prince and the Queen. She should have curled up in one of the deep hollows within that mountain and followed the rest of her race into the forever sleep.

Marian said. His fingers dug into her arm. "Don't sass me, girl. " His other hand pointed at a small wood in the valley below. "He'll be waiting for you there. " He released her arm with enough force that she staggered a couple of steps to keep her balance. " Vanishing the envelope, she moved farther away from him before she spread her wings and launched herself skyward. She forgot him as she pumped her wings to take her up into the pale dawn sky, dismissed the troubles waiting for her at home as she focused on the joy of soaring over the land.

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