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By Harry E. Eiss

This dictionary presents a tantalizing number of paradoxes, video games, difficulties, and puzzles
that will attract arithmetic fanatics at each point of talent. Eiss introduces his topic
with an outline of the historical past of leisure arithmetic and its relation to a couple theoretical questions
that have occupied mathematicians for hundreds of years.
Dictionary entries contain difficulties posed by means of specific thinkers in addition to conventional puzzlers
that have come all the way down to us anonymously. info at the origins and historical past of a number of the actions
is provided.

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J. R. A History o f Chess. 1 9 1 3 . Reprint London: Oxford University Press , 1 96 2 . Schaaf, W . L . " Number Games and Other Mathematical Recreations . " In Macropaedia: Encyclopedia Britannica, 1 985 . Steinhau s , H . Mathematical Snapshots. New York: Oxford University Press , 1 969 . are an arithmetical puzzle , a toy. A fixed number of rings (generally from five to eight ) are strung on a bar so that only the ring at the extreme right end may be taken off or put on the bar without additional manipulations .

16 Cantorism Kline , Morris . Mathematics in Western Culture. New York: Oxford University Press , 1953. Kraitchik, Maurice . Mathematical Recreations. 2d rev . ed . New York: Dover, 1953. Ronan , C. A. "Calendar . " In Macropaedia: Encyclopedia Britannica, 1985. Simon , W i lliam . Mathematical Magic. New York , 1964. CANTORISM. See PARADOXES OF THE INFINITE. See CARD TRICKS AND PUZZLES. CARD FRAME PUZZLE. CARD TRICKS AND PUZZLES are mathematical recreations involving the use of standard playing cards.

E . , 0 or 2 ) . B cannot be 0 , because 0 times anything would equal O . B 2. = 5 . The rest are easy t o fill i n by simply completing the multipl ication: F=8 , G=6 , and H =4. 6. The answer: 1 25 x 37 =4 , 625 . Maurice Kraitchik , editor of Sphinx from 1 93 1 to 1 93 9 , points out that , though Vatriquant named the activity , better examples can be found previous to 1 932 in 40 Cryptarithms La Mathematique des Jeux. Kraitchik includes two examples in his book , Mathe­ matical Recreations.

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