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Over the last 20 years, North americans became more and more drawn to knowing and reclaiming the rites that mark major existence passages. within the absence of significant rites of passage, we pace during the risky intersections of lifestyles and sometimes come to remorse lacking a chance to think about a child's start, mark the coming of adulthood, or meditate at the lack of a friend. delivering a hugely own, completely trained, and cross-cultural point of view on rites of passage for basic readers, this publication illustrates the ability of rites to assist us navigate life's problematical transitions.

The paintings of a big pupil who has spent years writing and instructing approximately ritual, Deeply into the Bone instigates a talk within which readers can fruitfully think about their very own studies of passage. protecting the numerous lifestyles occasions of start, initiation, marriage, and demise, chapters comprise first-person tales instructed via people who have gone through rites of passage, debts of practices from around the globe, short histories of chosen ritual traditions, and important reflections probing renowned assumptions approximately ritual. The ebook additionally explores leading edge rites for different vital occasions comparable to starting college, same-sex dedication ceremonies, abortion, severe disorder, divorce, and retirement.

Taking us optimistically into the abyss setting apart the religious from the social clinical, the non-public from the scholarly, and the narrative from the analytical, Grimes synthesizes a magnificent volume of data to assist us locate extra insightful methods of comprehending life's nice transitions. As we are facing our more and more advanced society, Deeply into the Bone might help us reclaim the ability of rites and comprehend their influence on our lives.

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It is a Western habit to subdivide flowing processes into discrete phases and a convention to divide the birth process into three such phases: prenatal, natal, and postnatal. But the occasions upon which people actually enact rites are more varied and interesting than any before-during-and-after scheme would make it seem. These are some of the activities that people across the world choose to ritualize: • • • • • • • • • • • • birth-control practices conception and fertility practices pregnancy beliefs and taboos birth education, both the informal absorption of birth lore and the formal, or ceremonial, transmission of knowledge about birth protective actions during pregnancy, at birth, and after birth ceremonies for miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion, and infanticide gender-preference practices (frequently to ensure the birth of a male) divination aimed at determining the gender of a fetus or the life course of a newborn the construction of sacred or special sites such as birthing huts couvade (male labor symptoms) delivery procedures, for instance, cleansing, purifying, and dramatizing or stylizing breathing and posture acts of deference and demeanor that undergird hierarchies of expertise in birth knowledge CELEBRATING NEW LIFE / 42 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • bonding behavior—between parent and child, child and others practices regarding the onset of lactation and the termination of nursing expressions of caregiving such as assisting in birth, sending cards, visiting, doing chores consultation of ritual practitioners such as priests or shamans telling or reading birth-related narratives, such as personal birth stories or myths about mother goddesses postbirth seclusion practices, eating selected foods, “lying-in” (being confined) emerging from confinement naming, blessing, and welcoming children parent-recognition ceremonies and gestures status-declaration rites, for instance, in recognition of a royal heir community celebrations, feasts ceremonial gift giving body-marking rites, for example, circumcision “first” celebrations, for instance, first solid food, first haircut, first step, first word birthdays ceremonies of incorporation into a family, ethnic group, or religion early childhood education rites such as learning the alphabet, beginning study, entering school This long list of possibilities may seem to contradict the claim that birth receives comparatively little ritual attention.

In fact, effectively cultivating a ritual sensibility depends in part on learning to see the ritualization that suffuses ordinary human interaction. Following Davis-Floyd, I am willing to think of hospital birth as ritual provided we signal the metaphoric move we are making by the use of a special term such as ritualization rather than rite. We need a fuzzy term, one with soft, permeable, even vague boundaries,22 but we also need a clearer one with hard boundaries. ” In performance theory it is common to distinguish social drama (the soft, messy stuff of everyday activity) from stage drama (the more sharply focused, fictional presentations of acting).

Protective rites and chants, she says, reassure birthing mothers. Symbolic acts not only provide an alternative focus to the pain, they also empower a mother by identifying the creativity of birth with the creation of the universe. The rites honor her power and help contain her fear. Laderman cites studies showing that fear and other psychological factors can provoke uterine inertia, a slowdown or full stop in labor. 30 They modify psychological, therefore physiological and even biochemical, processes such as endorphin production.

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