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By Nancy Furstinger

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This is another reason that the characters should not continue their mission. The ranger’s name is Thesaur the nailer. He is well known in the lands surrounding Vlekstaad for being able to follow a year-old trail. Thesaur admits the legend exaggerates the truth, but he does nothing to discourage this. Warriors (5):Int Average (8-10);AL CN, N; AC 5; MV 12; HD F5; THACO 16;hp 32; #AT 1;Dmg ld8; S A two have long swords + 2; S Z M (6’tall); ML Steady (11-12);XP 270 each Warrior Leader: Int Highly (13);AL LE; AC -2; MV 12; HD F12; THACO 9; hp 82; #AT 2; Dmg ld8/ld8; SZ M (6’tall); ML Fanatic (18);XP 3,000 If the PCs rush the trackers before the trail is found-or if the PCs wait for them to approach instead of hiding-they do not surprise the trackers.

Man is the only creature wolves fear, and this explains why wolves can be so hard to locate. Wolves leave an area once human encroachment occurs. This enables them to survive poisoning and human hunters so well. HabitatlSociety: Wolves, like humans and demihumans, are social animals. They live, hunt and play in packs-or families, as many sages call them. There is a very strict social structure in these family groups. Each pack is led by a male, known as the alpha male. This male is the strongest and usually the largest of the wolves.

Your most intimate desires as long as they do not alter the path events are destined to follow. ” DM’s Note: If Karasten completed or even started copying the spell from the swords, the scroll paper he used turns to dust. The god the characters called upon does not want the spell to be accessible in any fashion. Any characters who died in the battle with their clones are instantly brought back to life, cured of all damage. Closing Statements Granting of Wishes The deity looks over your heads toward the northeast.

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