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By David C. Saidoff BS PT, Andrew L. McDonough EdD PT

ISBN-10: 0815144865

ISBN-13: 9780815144861

Serious Pathways presents a clinically-based, problem-solving method of rehabilitation that integrates strategies from activities medication, actual and occupational remedy, geriatrics, ergonomics, kinesiology, and physiatry. It makes use of a case-study layout that simulates actual encounters with sufferer and covers the various maladies most ordinarily visible in outpatient rehabilitation.

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Beaton LE, Anson BJ: The relation of the median nerve to the pronator teres muscle, Anat Rec 75:23, 1939. 3. Butler D: Mobilisation of the nervous system, Mel­ bourne, 1991, Churchill Livingstone. 4. Chabon SJ: Uncommon compressive neuropathies of the forearm, Physician Assistant, p 57, Sept 1990. 5. Dandy DJ: Essential orthopaedics al1d trauma, Edin­ burgh, 1989, Churchill Livingstone. 6. Dawson DM, Hallet M, Millender LH: Entrapment neu­ ropathies, ed 2, Boston, 1990, Little, Brown & Co. 7. Gessini L, Jandolo B: The pronator teres syndrome: clinical and e1ectrophysiologic features in six surgically verified cases, J Neurosurg Sci 31:1-5, 1987.

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