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By Terry Stickels

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What number playing cards do i must deal earlier than i do know for convinced that you've a straight?
If typists can style pages in mins, what number typists will it take to variety 18 pages?
How many days are in five million seconds?
If you're thinking that those are solid questions, this can be the e-book for you! Over 2 hundred unique puzzles concerning mathematical and mechanical calculations comprise demanding situations in your lateral considering and logical reasoning. whilst your brain's bored with being teased, you could seek advice the full ideas.

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C)a is equal to b. (d)No relationship can be determined. 172 Four normal dice are side by side. How many dots are on the face with the question mark? 173 A ladder was standing perfectly upright against a wall. Suddenly, the foot of the ladder slid away from the wall and came to a stop 15 feet from the wall. The top of the ladder had moved only 1/5 of the ladder’s length before it came to rest firmly on a windowsill. Is there enough information to calculate the exact length of the ladder? If so, what is it?

F)What position does each man play, and how are they related? 107 How many squares of any size are there in the figure below? 108 Cashews sell for $8 a pound and peanuts sell for $3 a pound. A store wants to make 20 pounds of mixed nuts that will sell for $6 a pound. How many pounds of cashews and how many pounds of peanuts should be used? 109 A bicycle is three times as old as its tires were when the bicycle was as old as the tires are now. What is the ratio of the tires’ current age to the bicycle’s current age?

Benny: I had nuttin’ to do wit’ Fontani’s murder. Robbie is the one who did it. Doogie and I are old pals. 129 Jim and Sally live 100 miles apart. Each drives toward the other’s house along a straight road that connects them. Jim drives at 65 mph and Sally drives at 55 mph. If they leave their homes at the same time, how long will it take them to meet? 132 in Base4? 131 Below is the beginning of a sequence that continues to infinity. 0 2 6 12 20 30 42 What is the 100th number of this sequence? 132 Below is an unfolded cube with the numbers 1, 2, and 4 on three of its faces.

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