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By Aaron Allston, Steven S. Long

ISBN-10: 1583661255

ISBN-13: 9781583661253

Champions, the realm s maximum superhero roleplaying online game! Champions sixth version for the HERO procedure is the final word consultant to making heroes, having superheroic adventures, and growing superhero campaigns. jump in the course of the skies, struggle villains, and retailer humanity from all types of fiendish menaces!

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Use the social issues as the genesis of stories... but keep in mind that the PCs, not the social issues, are the most important element in your campaign. Let The PCs Make A Difference: Most of the problems campaigns like this focus on are not ones superheroes can simply solve through the flexing of alien muscles or firing of plasma blasts. But if the PCs are not to feel completely useless (and that’s never an appropriate state of affairs for a Champions campaign), they must be able to achieve some successes — such as helping individuals, even when they cannot cure social ills in a comprehensive fashion.

In any event, by most estimates the Silver Age ended no later than the early Seventies. Toward the end of that period, the social and cultural issues so prominent in American society at the time — including the sexual revolution, the maturing of the civil rights movement, the Vietnam War, the rise of numerous countercultures, and the widening of the generation gap — began to make themselves felt in the stories being told in the comics. Comics writers began thinking about issues they’d never considered before, and carrying trends and themes that started in the Silver Age — a focus on character’s private (noncostumed) lives and romantic relationships, for example — to their logical creative conclusions.

Personality and team policy differences are more common, and may result in violence. Personal problems like alcoholism or addiction are far more common, and heroes may not have the willpower to make any effort to overcome them. That in turn seriously impacts both their relationships with other heroes and their ability to fight crime effectively. ) and Janet Van Dyne (the Wasp), who during most of Marvel’s history are married to one another. During the Silver Age they get along well, mostly playfully bantering and squabbling with one another much like many TV married couples.

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