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By Ron Klinger

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Bridge is hip for everybody these days! performed in additional than a hundred international locations, Bridge has an enthusiastic following of greater than 60 million humans. even if many think that bridge is just an “old person’s game,” an increasing number of youth are taking it up, and now avid gamers of their twenties are starting to win international championship titles. thoroughly up to date and revised via champion bridge participant Ron Klinger, Bridge Basics explains and illustrates the elemental ideas of bidding, play, and protection in agreement bridge. This ebook will flip you right into a powerfuble and assured bridge participant in no time. 

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Unbalanced hands consist of every other possible pattern, but they all have one common feature: they must contain a void or a singleton. The hand shapes are summarized in the following table: HAND SHAPES BALANCED 4-3-3-3 4-4-3-2 5-3-3-2 No void, no singleton, at most one doubleton SEMI-BALANCED 5-4-2-2 6-3-2-2 7-2-2-2 No void, no singleton, two or three doubletons UNBALANCED 5-4-3-1 5-5-2-1 and all other shapes which include a void or a singleton Balanced hands are best for no-trump contracts. Since there is no very short suit, and at most one doubleton, there is little prospect for trumping and you are bound to follow suit almost throughout the hand.

Each teacher can thus cover the approach that is in local common usage. Weak responding hands (under 10 points) are covered in Chapter 4 followed by strong responding hands (10 points or more) in Chapter 5. This division should simplify matters for both teacher and student. ” This conceptual approach should be of considerable assistance to students. Bidding by a passed hand is covered in Chapter 6 and strong openings (2-openings plus 2NT and 3NT openings are discussed in Chapter 7). Slam bidding has a chapter of its own (Chapter 8), as do pre-emptive openings (Chapter 9).

Jump to 2NT, provided that your hand is balanced. , 1♣: 1♥, 2NT) is forcing to game. , make a jump-bid in a new suit). The jump-shift denies a balanced hand, but is forcing to game as it promises 19 points up. • As a last resort, if none of the above is available, jump to game in your first suit, provided you have a very powerful 6-card suit (it should contain at least four honors) or a strong 7-card suit. ♠ Q 8 ♥ 4 2 ♦ A J 8 7 3 ♣ A Q J 6 You opened 1♦. Your rebid after 1♥ or 1♠? In either case you should rebid 2♣, showing your second suit and denying a balanced hand (no NT rebid).

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