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By Martin Gardner

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A notebook of riddles, jam-packed with enjoyable and illustrations.

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The wearer of one of these cloaks is immune to nausea and its effects, and to the person affecting cantrips belch, cough, sneeze, and yawn. Note that poisonous vapors are protected against for one full turn, and only after that must the wearer save (at +2) to avoid any effects. Cloak of Symbiotic Protection Experience Point Value: 3,000 Gold Piece Sale Value: 20,000 This type of cloak is very rare. It is impregnated with an immobile, nonintelligent living substance of unknown identity and origins which cannot be isolated by alchemists and naturalists for study.

Magical weapons must then make a saving throw of 20, with a bonus equal to their magical bonuses; those magical weapons without combat bonuses save on a 20, and all artifacts save at +5 on the die or at their own plus, whichever is greater. Failure to make the save binds the weapon fast to the cloak for 1-3 rounds. This entanglement prevents further attacks using that weapon, and a bend bars/lift gates strength roll is needed to pull the weapon free prematurely. If the attacking creature leaves or moves away to engage another opponent before the 1-3 rounds are up, it must part company with its weapon, which remains in the possession of the cloak-bearer.

These amulets may be worn by any class of character. e. the wearer cannot communicate telepathically even if she or he so desires). Protection only extends to 11-44 (1d4 x 11) spell levels before the amulet is exhausted. ) The amulet only counters the spells (and equivalent psionic powers) listed, and is in no way affected by other spells, such as lightning bolt. Pending exhaustion of the amulet is mentally evident to the wearer, and visually evident to others; the amulet blazes fiercely for 4 segments before slowly fading to darkness.

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