A Gift of Joy by Virginia Henley, Brenda Joyce, Fern Michaels, Jo Goodman PDF

By Virginia Henley, Brenda Joyce, Fern Michaels, Jo Goodman

ISBN-10: 0783818726

ISBN-13: 9780783818726

A range of vacation romances from 4 renowned authors encompasses Virginia Henley's novella "Christmas Eve," "The Miracle" by means of Brenda Joyce, Jo Goodman's "My precise Love," and "A brilliant purple Ribbon" through Fern Michaels. unique.

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Clint's thoughts had then drifted along more personal lines. He couldn't lie to himself; he found Eve Barlow extremely attractive in spite of their differences. Perhaps it was even because of their differences. She was a new experience for Clint; independent, assertive, competitive, even combative. A far cry from the clinging types he had dated recently. Eve was an exciting challenge. Beneath the polished veneer, he might find a real flesh-and-blood, honest-to-God woman! All his thoughts were sexual now.

Eve screamed, then the icy water covered her mouth, effectively cutting off her cries. She knew the water was deep. Her feet touched bottom once before she struggled to the surface and grabbed hold of the ice at the edge of the hole she had made. Eve could swim, but her soaked coat and boots felt ten times heavier. There was no time to pray, no time even to think coherently; sheer panic took control. The more she struggled to grab hold of something, the more ice broke from the edges, until the hole gaped wide.

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A Gift of Joy by Virginia Henley, Brenda Joyce, Fern Michaels, Jo Goodman

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