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By Jun Mitani

ISBN-10: 1498765351

ISBN-13: 9781498765350

Easily Create Origami with Curved Folds and Surfaces

Origami―making shapes in simple terms via folding―reveals a desirable zone of geometry woven with quite a few representations. the area of origami has stepped forward dramatically because the introduction of machine courses to accomplish the required computations for origami design.

3D Origami Art offers the layout equipment underlying 3D creations derived from computation. It contains a variety of images and layout drawings referred to as crease styles, that are on hand for obtain at the author’s web site. in the course of the book’s transparent figures and outlines, readers can simply create geometric 3D constructions out of a collection of strains and curves drawn on a second plane.

The writer makes use of a number of shapes of sheets resembling rectangles and normal polygons, rather than sq. paper, to create the origami. a number of the origami creations have a 3D constitution composed of curved surfaces, and a few of them have advanced kinds. even though, the historical past conception underlying the entire creations is particularly basic. the writer indicates how various origami kinds are designed from a standard theory.

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Hereinafter, the branch-like portion is called a connecter, and the 3D origami shape is called a unit. 2b onto a vertex of the regular triangle tiling pattern. The connectors exactly lap over the six sides connecting to the vertex. 2c. 2d. 2e is the crease pattern for the three connected units. The gray areas are the connectors connecting the units. Only three units are connected in this example, but as many as you wish can be connected in a similar manner. The connector can be in any length, allowing you to adjust the unit arrangement interval.

6a. 8b. The folded shape can be controlled by the pleat size. However, this can be done only for the cylinder type. indb 27 27 5/12/16 12:53 PM Let’s Make It (4) Two-Tier Box This shape is presented on page 24, having two different boxes connected. Folding may be a bit difficult for its twist-closing structure in the center. The shape stabilizes without gluing thanks to the twist closing at top, bottom, and center. Preparation • Prepare the crease pattern on the next page photocopied on a thick sheet.

Make good use of the template to crease the curved lines crisply. The folding process is also great fun as you see the workpiece graduating into a shape as you cup it with both hands to let the center lift up. Preparation • Prepare the crease pattern on the next page photocopied (a bit enlarged) on a thick sheet. • Precrease all the fold lines using a hard, pointed tool. For curved lines, cut out the ­template and trace along its edge to precrease neatly. • The printed side will be the inside of the solid.

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