# Copyright (C) 2016 Breadcrumb NavXT # This file is distributed under the same license as the Breadcrumb NavXT package. msgid "" msgstr "" "Project-Id-Version: Breadcrumb NavXT 5.5.1\n" "Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/breadcrumb-navxt\n" "POT-Creation-Date: 2016-08-13 19:01:09+00:00\n" "MIME-Version: 1.0\n" "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n" "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n" "PO-Revision-Date: 2016-MO-DA HO:MI+ZONE\n" "Last-Translator: FULL NAME \n" "Language-Team: LANGUAGE \n" #: breadcrumb-navxt.php:35 class.bcn_admin.php:25 #: class.bcn_network_admin.php:25 msgid "" "Your PHP version is too old, please upgrade to a newer version. Your version " "is %1$s, Breadcrumb NavXT requires %2$s" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:64 msgid "Breadcrumb NavXT Settings" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:295 class.bcn_network_admin.php:366 msgid "Tips for the settings are located below select options." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:296 class.bcn_network_admin.php:367 msgid "Resources" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:297 class.bcn_network_admin.php:368 msgid "" "%sTutorials and How Tos%s: There are several guides, tutorials, and how tos " "available on the author's website." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:297 class.bcn_network_admin.php:368 msgid "Go to the Breadcrumb NavXT tag archive." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:298 class.bcn_network_admin.php:369 msgid "" "%sOnline Documentation%s: Check out the documentation for more indepth " "technical information." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:298 class.bcn_network_admin.php:369 msgid "Go to the Breadcrumb NavXT online documentation" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:299 class.bcn_network_admin.php:370 msgid "" "%sReport a Bug%s: If you think you have found a bug, please include your " "WordPress version and details on how to reproduce the bug." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:299 class.bcn_network_admin.php:370 msgid "Go to the Breadcrumb NavXT support post for your version." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:300 class.bcn_network_admin.php:371 msgid "Giving Back" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:301 class.bcn_network_admin.php:372 msgid "" "%sDonate%s: Love Breadcrumb NavXT and want to help development? Consider " "buying the author a beer." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:301 class.bcn_network_admin.php:372 msgid "Go to PayPal to give a donation to Breadcrumb NavXT." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:302 class.bcn_network_admin.php:373 msgid "" "%sTranslate%s: Is your language not available? Visit the Breadcrumb NavXT " "translation project on WordPress.org to start translating." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:302 class.bcn_network_admin.php:373 msgid "Go to the Breadcrumb NavXT translation project." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:307 class.bcn_admin.php:446 class.bcn_admin.php:447 #: class.bcn_network_admin.php:378 class.bcn_network_admin.php:518 #: class.bcn_network_admin.php:519 msgid "General" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:310 class.bcn_network_admin.php:381 msgid "" "For the settings on this page to take effect, you must either use the " "included Breadcrumb NavXT widget, or place either of the code sections below " "into your theme." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:311 class.bcn_network_admin.php:382 msgid "Breadcrumb trail with separators" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:317 class.bcn_network_admin.php:388 msgid "Breadcrumb trail in list form" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:326 class.bcn_network_admin.php:397 msgid "Quick Start" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:329 class.bcn_network_admin.php:400 msgid "" "Using the code from the Quick Start section above, the following CSS can be " "used as base for styling your breadcrumb trail." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:341 class.bcn_network_admin.php:412 msgid "Styling" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:347 class.bcn_network_admin.php:418 msgid "Import/Export/Reset" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:371 class.bcn_network_admin.php:442 #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:841 msgid "Import" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:372 class.bcn_network_admin.php:443 #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:842 msgid "Export" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:373 class.bcn_network_admin.php:444 #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:843 msgid "Reset" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:391 msgid "" "Warning: Your network settings will override any settings set in this page." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:395 class.bcn_admin.php:399 msgid "" "Warning: Your network settings may override any settings set in this page." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:404 class.bcn_network_admin.php:475 msgid "" "Warning: No BCN_SETTINGS_* define statement found, defaulting to " "BCN_SETTINGS_USE_LOCAL." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:416 class.bcn_network_admin.php:488 msgid "" "Warning: Your are using a deprecated setting \"Title Length\" (see " "Miscellaneous > Deprecated), please %1$suse CSS instead%2$s." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:416 class.bcn_admin.php:704 #: class.bcn_network_admin.php:488 class.bcn_network_admin.php:776 msgid "Go to the guide on trimming breadcrumb title lengths with CSS" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:446 class.bcn_network_admin.php:518 msgid "" "A collection of settings most likely to be modified are located under this " "tab." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:450 class.bcn_network_admin.php:522 msgid "Breadcrumb Separator" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:450 class.bcn_network_admin.php:522 msgid "Placed in between each breadcrumb." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:454 class.bcn_network_admin.php:526 msgid "Current Item" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:457 class.bcn_network_admin.php:529 msgid "Link Current Item" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:457 class.bcn_network_admin.php:529 msgid "Yes" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:458 class.bcn_network_admin.php:530 msgctxt "" "Paged as in when on an archive or post that is split into multiple pages" msgid "Paged Breadcrumb" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:458 class.bcn_network_admin.php:530 msgid "Place the page number breadcrumb in the trail." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:458 class.bcn_network_admin.php:530 msgid "" "Indicates that the user is on a page other than the first of a paginated " "archive or post." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:459 class.bcn_network_admin.php:531 msgctxt "" "Paged as in when on an archive or post that is split into multiple pages" msgid "Paged Template" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:459 class.bcn_network_admin.php:531 msgid "The template for paged breadcrumbs." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:463 class.bcn_admin.php:466 #: class.bcn_network_admin.php:535 class.bcn_network_admin.php:538 msgid "Home Breadcrumb" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:466 class.bcn_network_admin.php:538 msgid "Place the home breadcrumb in the trail." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:467 class.bcn_network_admin.php:539 msgid "Home Template" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:467 class.bcn_network_admin.php:539 msgid "The template for the home breadcrumb." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:468 class.bcn_network_admin.php:540 msgid "Home Template (Unlinked)" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:468 class.bcn_network_admin.php:540 msgid "" "The template for the home breadcrumb, used when the breadcrumb is not linked." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:472 class.bcn_admin.php:475 #: class.bcn_network_admin.php:544 class.bcn_network_admin.php:547 msgid "Blog Breadcrumb" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:475 class.bcn_network_admin.php:547 msgid "Place the blog breadcrumb in the trail." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:476 class.bcn_network_admin.php:548 msgid "Blog Template" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:476 class.bcn_network_admin.php:548 msgid "" "The template for the blog breadcrumb, used only in static front page " "environments." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:477 class.bcn_network_admin.php:549 msgid "Blog Template (Unlinked)" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:477 class.bcn_network_admin.php:549 msgid "" "The template for the blog breadcrumb, used only in static front page " "environments and when the breadcrumb is not linked." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:481 class.bcn_network_admin.php:553 msgid "Mainsite Breadcrumb" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:484 class.bcn_network_admin.php:556 msgid "Main Site Breadcrumb" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:484 class.bcn_network_admin.php:556 msgid "Place the main site home breadcrumb in the trail in an multisite setup." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:485 class.bcn_network_admin.php:557 msgid "Main Site Home Template" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:485 class.bcn_network_admin.php:557 msgid "" "The template for the main site home breadcrumb, used only in multisite " "environments." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:486 class.bcn_network_admin.php:558 msgid "Main Site Home Template (Unlinked)" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:486 class.bcn_network_admin.php:558 msgid "" "The template for the main site home breadcrumb, used only in multisite " "environments and when the breadcrumb is not linked." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:493 class.bcn_network_admin.php:565 msgid "" "The settings for all post types (Posts, Pages, and Custom Post Types) are " "located under this tab." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:493 class.bcn_network_admin.php:565 msgid "Post Types" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:494 class.bcn_network_admin.php:566 msgid "Posts" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:497 class.bcn_network_admin.php:569 msgid "Post Template" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:497 class.bcn_network_admin.php:569 msgid "The template for post breadcrumbs." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:498 class.bcn_network_admin.php:570 msgid "Post Template (Unlinked)" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:498 class.bcn_network_admin.php:570 msgid "" "The template for post breadcrumbs, used only when the breadcrumb is not " "linked." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:499 class.bcn_network_admin.php:571 msgid "Post Hierarchy Display" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:499 class.bcn_network_admin.php:571 msgid "" "Show the hierarchy (specified below) leading to a post in the breadcrumb " "trail." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:500 class.bcn_network_admin.php:572 msgid "Post Hierarchy Referer Influence" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:500 class.bcn_admin.php:578 #: class.bcn_network_admin.php:572 class.bcn_network_admin.php:650 msgid "" "Allow the refereing page to influence the taxonomy selected for the " "hierarchy." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:504 class.bcn_network_admin.php:576 msgid "Post Hierarchy" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:508 class.bcn_admin.php:627 #: class.bcn_network_admin.php:580 class.bcn_network_admin.php:699 msgid "Categories" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:509 class.bcn_admin.php:588 #: class.bcn_network_admin.php:581 class.bcn_network_admin.php:660 msgid "Dates" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:510 class.bcn_admin.php:634 #: class.bcn_network_admin.php:582 class.bcn_network_admin.php:706 msgid "Tags" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:512 class.bcn_admin.php:587 #: class.bcn_network_admin.php:584 class.bcn_network_admin.php:659 msgid "Post Parent" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:528 class.bcn_admin.php:612 #: class.bcn_network_admin.php:600 class.bcn_network_admin.php:684 msgid "" "The hierarchy which the breadcrumb trail will show. Note that the \"Post " "Parent\" option may require an additional plugin to behave as expected since " "this is a non-hierarchical post type." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:532 class.bcn_network_admin.php:604 msgid "Pages" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:535 class.bcn_network_admin.php:607 msgid "Page Template" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:535 class.bcn_network_admin.php:607 msgid "The template for page breadcrumbs." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:536 class.bcn_network_admin.php:608 msgid "Page Template (Unlinked)" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:536 class.bcn_network_admin.php:608 msgid "" "The template for page breadcrumbs, used only when the breadcrumb is not " "linked." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:539 class.bcn_network_admin.php:611 msgid "Attachments" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:542 class.bcn_network_admin.php:614 msgid "Attachment Template" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:542 class.bcn_network_admin.php:614 msgid "The template for attachment breadcrumbs." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:543 class.bcn_network_admin.php:615 msgid "Attachment Template (Unlinked)" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:543 class.bcn_network_admin.php:615 msgid "" "The template for attachment breadcrumbs, used only when the breadcrumb is " "not linked." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:563 class.bcn_admin.php:665 #: class.bcn_network_admin.php:635 class.bcn_network_admin.php:737 msgid "%s Template" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:563 class.bcn_admin.php:665 #: class.bcn_network_admin.php:635 class.bcn_network_admin.php:737 msgid "The template for %s breadcrumbs." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:564 class.bcn_admin.php:666 #: class.bcn_network_admin.php:636 class.bcn_network_admin.php:738 msgid "%s Template (Unlinked)" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:564 class.bcn_admin.php:666 #: class.bcn_network_admin.php:636 class.bcn_network_admin.php:738 msgid "" "The template for %s breadcrumbs, used only when the breadcrumb is not linked." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:569 class.bcn_network_admin.php:641 msgid "%s Root Page" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:572 class.bcn_network_admin.php:644 msgid "— Select —" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:576 class.bcn_network_admin.php:648 msgid "%s Archive Display" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:576 class.bcn_network_admin.php:648 msgid "" "Show the breadcrumb for the %s post type archives in the breadcrumb trail." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:577 class.bcn_network_admin.php:649 msgid "%s Hierarchy Display" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:577 class.bcn_network_admin.php:649 msgid "" "Show the hierarchy (specified below) leading to a %s in the breadcrumb trail." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:578 class.bcn_network_admin.php:650 msgid "%s Hierarchy Referer Influence" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:582 class.bcn_network_admin.php:654 msgid "%s Hierarchy" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:608 class.bcn_network_admin.php:680 msgid "The hierarchy which the breadcrumb trail will show." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:626 class.bcn_network_admin.php:698 msgid "" "The settings for all taxonomies (including Categories, Tags, and custom " "taxonomies) are located under this tab." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:626 class.bcn_network_admin.php:698 msgid "Taxonomies" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:630 class.bcn_network_admin.php:702 msgid "Category Template" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:630 class.bcn_network_admin.php:702 msgid "The template for category breadcrumbs." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:631 class.bcn_network_admin.php:703 msgid "Category Template (Unlinked)" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:631 class.bcn_network_admin.php:703 msgid "" "The template for category breadcrumbs, used only when the breadcrumb is not " "linked." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:637 class.bcn_network_admin.php:709 msgid "Tag Template" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:637 class.bcn_network_admin.php:709 msgid "The template for tag breadcrumbs." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:638 class.bcn_network_admin.php:710 msgid "Tag Template (Unlinked)" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:638 class.bcn_network_admin.php:710 msgid "" "The template for tag breadcrumbs, used only when the breadcrumb is not " "linked." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:641 class.bcn_network_admin.php:713 msgid "Post Formats" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:644 class.bcn_network_admin.php:716 msgid "Post Format Template" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:644 class.bcn_network_admin.php:716 msgid "The template for post format breadcrumbs." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:645 class.bcn_network_admin.php:717 msgid "Post Format Template (Unlinked)" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:645 class.bcn_network_admin.php:717 msgid "" "The template for post_format breadcrumbs, used only when the breadcrumb is " "not linked." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:675 class.bcn_network_admin.php:747 msgid "" "The settings for author and date archives, searches, and 404 pages are " "located under this tab." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:675 class.bcn_admin.php:684 #: class.bcn_network_admin.php:747 class.bcn_network_admin.php:756 msgid "Miscellaneous" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:676 class.bcn_network_admin.php:748 msgid "Author Archives" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:679 class.bcn_network_admin.php:751 msgid "Author Template" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:679 class.bcn_network_admin.php:751 msgid "The template for author breadcrumbs." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:680 class.bcn_network_admin.php:752 msgid "Author Template (Unlinked)" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:680 class.bcn_network_admin.php:752 msgid "" "The template for author breadcrumbs, used only when the breadcrumb is not " "linked." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:681 class.bcn_network_admin.php:753 msgid "Author Display Format" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:681 class.bcn_network_admin.php:753 msgid "" "display_name uses the name specified in \"Display name publicly as\" under " "the user profile the others correspond to options in the user profile." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:687 class.bcn_network_admin.php:759 msgid "Date Template" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:687 class.bcn_network_admin.php:759 msgid "The template for date breadcrumbs." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:688 class.bcn_network_admin.php:760 msgid "Date Template (Unlinked)" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:688 class.bcn_network_admin.php:760 msgid "" "The template for date breadcrumbs, used only when the breadcrumb is not " "linked." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:689 class.bcn_network_admin.php:761 msgid "Search Template" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:689 class.bcn_network_admin.php:761 msgid "" "The anchor template for search breadcrumbs, used only when the search " "results span several pages." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:690 class.bcn_network_admin.php:762 msgid "Search Template (Unlinked)" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:690 class.bcn_network_admin.php:762 msgid "" "The anchor template for search breadcrumbs, used only when the search " "results span several pages and the breadcrumb is not linked." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:691 class.bcn_network_admin.php:763 msgid "404 Title" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:692 class.bcn_network_admin.php:764 msgid "404 Template" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:692 class.bcn_network_admin.php:764 msgid "The template for 404 breadcrumbs." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:695 class.bcn_network_admin.php:767 msgid "Deprecated" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:699 class.bcn_network_admin.php:771 msgid "Title Length" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:704 class.bcn_network_admin.php:776 msgid "" "Limit the length of the breadcrumb title. (Deprecated, %suse CSS instead%s)" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:709 class.bcn_network_admin.php:781 msgid "Max Title Length: " msgstr "" #: class.bcn_admin.php:721 class.bcn_network_admin.php:793 msgid "Save Changes" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_breadcrumb.php:91 msgid "" "%htitle%" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_breadcrumb_trail.php:77 msgid "" "Page %htitle%" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_breadcrumb_trail.php:102 msgid "404" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_breadcrumb_trail.php:105 msgid "" "Search results for '%htitle%'" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_breadcrumb_trail.php:107 msgid "" "Search results for '%htitle%'" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_breadcrumb_trail.php:110 msgid "" "%htitle%" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_breadcrumb_trail.php:115 class.bcn_breadcrumb_trail.php:131 msgid "" "%htitle%" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_breadcrumb_trail.php:120 msgid "" "Articles by: %htitle%" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_breadcrumb_trail.php:122 msgid "" "Articles by: %htitle%" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_breadcrumb_trail.php:127 msgid "" "%htitle%" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_breadcrumb_trail.php:465 msgid "$post global is not of type WP_Post" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_breadcrumb_trail.php:563 msgctxt "day archive breadcrumb date format" msgid "d" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_breadcrumb_trail.php:583 msgctxt "month archive breadcrumb date format" msgid "F" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_breadcrumb_trail.php:600 msgctxt "year archive breadcrumb date format" msgid "Y" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_network_admin.php:63 msgid "Breadcrumb NavXT Network Settings" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_network_admin.php:458 class.bcn_network_admin.php:476 msgid "" "Warning: Individual site settings will override any settings set in this " "page." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_network_admin.php:466 class.bcn_network_admin.php:470 msgid "" "Warning: Individual site settings may override any settings set in this page." msgstr "" #: class.bcn_widget.php:32 msgid "Adds a breadcrumb trail to your sidebar" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_widget.php:99 msgid "Title:" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_widget.php:103 msgid "Text to show before the trail:" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_widget.php:107 msgid "Output trail as:" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_widget.php:109 msgid "List" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_widget.php:110 msgid "Google (RDFa) Breadcrumbs" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_widget.php:111 msgid "Plain" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_widget.php:117 msgid "Link the breadcrumbs" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_widget.php:119 msgid "Reverse the order of the trail" msgstr "" #: class.bcn_widget.php:121 msgid "Hide the trail on the front page" msgstr "" #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:113 msgid "Insufficient privileges to proceed." msgstr "" #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:236 msgid "Settings" msgstr "" #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:312 msgid "" "Your settings are for an older version of this plugin and need to be " "migrated." msgstr "" #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:312 includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:321 msgid "Migrate the settings now." msgstr "" #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:312 msgid "Migrate now." msgstr "" #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:321 msgid "Your settings are for a newer version of this plugin." msgstr "" #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:321 msgid "Attempt back migration now." msgstr "" #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:329 msgid "Your plugin install is incomplete." msgstr "" #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:329 msgid "Load default settings now." msgstr "" #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:329 msgid "Complete now." msgstr "" #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:337 msgid "One or more of your plugin settings are invalid." msgstr "" #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:337 msgid "Attempt to fix settings now." msgstr "" #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:337 msgid "Fix now." msgstr "" #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:536 msgid "Settings successfully saved." msgstr "" #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:536 includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:549 msgid "Undo the options save." msgstr "" #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:536 includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:549 #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:654 includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:678 #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:695 msgid "Undo" msgstr "" #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:540 msgid "Settings did not change, nothing to save." msgstr "" #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:544 msgid "Settings were not saved." msgstr "" #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:549 msgid "Some settings were not saved." msgstr "" #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:550 msgid "The following settings were not saved:" msgstr "" #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:555 msgid "Please include this message in your %sbug report%s." msgstr "" #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:555 msgid "Go to the %s support post for your version." msgstr "" #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:654 msgid "Settings successfully imported from the uploaded file." msgstr "" #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:654 msgid "Undo the options import." msgstr "" #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:659 msgid "Importing settings from file failed." msgstr "" #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:678 msgid "Settings successfully reset to the default values." msgstr "" #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:678 msgid "Undo the options reset." msgstr "" #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:695 msgid "Settings successfully undid the last operation." msgstr "" #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:695 msgid "Undo the last undo operation." msgstr "" #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:730 msgid "Settings successfully migrated." msgstr "" #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:737 msgid "Default settings successfully installed." msgstr "" #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:833 msgid "" "Import settings from a XML file, export the current settings to a XML file, " "or reset to the default settings." msgstr "" #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:836 msgid "Settings File" msgstr "" #: includes/class.mtekk_adminkit.php:839 msgid "Select a XML settings file to upload and import settings from." msgstr "" #. Plugin Name of the plugin/theme msgid "Breadcrumb NavXT" msgstr "" #. Plugin URI of the plugin/theme msgid "http://mtekk.us/code/breadcrumb-navxt/" msgstr "" #. Description of the plugin/theme msgid "" "Adds a breadcrumb navigation showing the visitor's path to their current " "location. For details on how to use this plugin visit Breadcrumb NavXT." msgstr "" #. Author of the plugin/theme msgid "John Havlik" msgstr "" #. Author URI of the plugin/theme msgid "http://mtekk.us/" msgstr ""